Improving Services, Lintasarta Launches Easy Call “Contact Center 14052”

4 Sep 2019

Jakarta, September 2019 – In order to improve service quality, Lintasarta officially launched the Lintasarta Contact Center 14052 service to coincide with National Customer Day which is commemorated on September 4, 2019.

“The advantages of this Contact Center are Easy to Remember, One-Stop Information, and Easy to Call. This is in line with company values ​​where we want to act professionally in order to provide the best experience for customers, “said Lintasarta’s Business Director, Alfi Asman.

Thus, continued Mr. Alfi, the renewal of the service number to the Lintasarta Contact Center 14052 single number was opened for Interference and Non-Interference complaints channels including Interruption Services, Billing Information, Product Information, and Status Delivery Information. “Previously it was only opened for the Interference complaint channel only. We want to expand it so that it can be upgraded to Non-Disruption too, “he said.

With this single point of contact, it is hoped that customers will no longer have to bother to store several Lintasarta contact numbers when they want to report or when they need information related to Lintasarta. “In the future, we will continue to be committed to making it easier for customers to get services or information from Lintasarta by presenting the Lintasarta Mobile Application,” he said.

The launch of Lintasarta Contact Center 14052 which coincided with National Customer Day became the right momentum for the company to improve service quality and satisfaction to customers, as a form of gratitude for the trust and loyalty that has been established between Lintasarta and customers.

“We hope that with the launch of Lintasarta Contact Center 14052 service customers can more easily contact us when they need information or assistance,” he concluded.