ICT Seminar: Optimize Your Branch With A Secure SD WAN & Digital Solution

21 Mar 2019 | Arif Wicaksono

JAKARTA. Lintasarta supports the banking industry to face the Digitalization Era by holding an ICT Seminar with the theme “Optimze Your Branch With A Secure SD WAN & Digital Solution” on Tuesday (3/19), at Ayana Hotel Mid Plaza, Jakarta. Lintasarta collaborated with Fortinet Indonesia and Synnex Metrodata Indonesia organized this event to encourage digital transformation in the banking sector.


Datacomm Director Lintasarta, Ginandjar said, in the digitalization era the banking sector was required to innovate and strengthen ICT infrastructure and on the other hand it needed to improve customer customer experience. “Strengthening ICT infrastructure and service innovation will support the improvement of the quality of banking services in order to meet customer expectations that continue to increase,” Ginandjar said in his remarks on Tuesday (3/19), in Jakarta.


At the ICT Seminar event, there were dozens of national banks who enthusiastically followed the program from the beginning to the end. At present, the banking sector is starting to bloom using cloud-based applications that often require large bandwidth.


This is a challenge for IT banking to optimize the existing network so that digital transformation can succeed. For this reason, at this ICT seminar, Lintasarta introduced a Defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN) Lintasarta Managed Software solution that will optimize banking ICT networks in both the center and branches.


The Managed SD WAN solution technically will classify traffic according to business interests so that it will optimize the available bandwidth. This solution also guarantees business continuity because there is a switch over feature from the main link to a fast back up link so that the company’s business continues to run.


Regarding the security side, the solution from Lintasarta also has security features in one integrated device. This will ensure the security of the banking network.


Lintasarta SD WAN’s solution comes with a managed business model that will ensure optimization and efficiency in managing IT banking operations. This will also provide convenience with the presence of certified professional IT personnel who will manage 24 x 7 and provide regular reports.


Customer Experience

The era of digitalization requires new experiences for banking customers who want services that are identical to the impression of being fast, easy, comfortable and safe. Long and boring queues have become a bad record on the customer’s side, thus reducing the value of customer experience.


The solution to increase customer experience based on digital technology is an effective solution to increase customer loyalty. Lintasarta through digital solution services will help improve customer customer experience, through several solutions such as wifi marketing, digital signage, and digital queuing systems.


Through a wifi marketing solution, waiting at a banking branch office is not boring and pampering customers. Digital signage and digital queuing systems will accelerate the queue process and become an attractive channel for program socialization and banking promotion.


Lintasarta’s aware of the needs and challenges for banking sector to prepare business in the future, to face of digital transformation era. This banking solution from Lintasarta, is part of an effort to always innovate and become the best ICT partner for industry players.