Nine Startups on Lintasarta Demoday Appcelerate


Jakarta, May 2, 2019, Nine best digital startups (startups) have been selected to enter the Demoday Lintasarta Appcelerate event. This event is organized by Lintasarta by partnering with three state universities namely the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Gadjah Mada University (UGM), and Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS).

“Lintasarta with LPIK ITB, GIB UGM, and BPPU ITS spawned nine startups from different categories. They are all good, all the best. Later products from Appcelerate will be marketed to the B2B market, “said President Director of Lintasarta Arya Damar, in Jakarta, Thursday (2/05/2019).

The nine startups are Lokapoin (Online Travel Agency with Local Experience), property investment (Syariah Crowdfunding Property Platform), Edusoft (Education Platform), Mechlab (eKYC), Nusantera (Smart Monitoring Energy), SIAB (Smart Water Filtration), Guarddio (Smart Office Security), Debt Inspection (Assessment for BPR Debtor), and Codedirect (Integrate Traffic System Management).

The nine startups above were selected startups after participating in the 5-month incubation period at their respective universities, along with other finalists. During the incubation period, the pilot businesses have received mentoring for product and business development through various programs involving the directors of Lintasarta and also from the industry experts. The nine startups got the best rating from the jury defeating other candidates and also judged to meet the problem solving, usefulness, commercial value, and business value categories. The juries are directors, Lintasarta’s ranks, and business incubator leaders from 3 universities.

Before undergoing Demoday, the nine startups received business development support and collaboration with Lintasarta to enter the B2B market.

Lintasarta Appcelerate is a place for making business plans in the form of product innovations or digital applications, such as mobile applications, which have business value and can be prepared to support various sectors of industry banking, finance, IoT and smart cities.

Lintasarta Appcelerate has been started since last 2016 and the plan will continue to be developed in collaboration with universities in Indonesia as one of the forms of Lintasarta’s concern in domestic digital startup development programs.