Celebrating The 31st Anniversary, Lintasarta Upgrade Cloud Flash Storage Service for Customers

29 Apr 2019

Jakarta – Lintasarta launched a flash SSD storage free upgrade program for Lintasarta Cloud service customers. This program still in the series of Lintasarta’s 31st Anniversary on April 4, while showing its commitment to supporting the digital transformation of national industry players.


Lintasarta’s President Director, Arya Damar said, Lintasarta continues to grow into a large and experienced company and currently has become the ICT Total Solution Company that supports the digital transformation of national industry players. “In 31st Anniversary shows Lintasarta’s experience as the best partner for industry players and this achievement is also result of support from all customers,” Arya said in a press statement, on Thursday (26/4) in Jakarta.

According to Arya, customer support and loyalty is the most important component for Lintasarta to continue to innovate and provide the best service. He said, as a form of appreciation to customers, Lintasarta launched the Solid State Drive (SSD) storage flash free upgrade program, for all customers of Lintasarta Cloud services from various industrial sectors.

Lintasarta is the first provider of flash SSD Storage technology in Indonesia and through this free upgrade program to high-performance virtual machine (VM) with flash storage, it will provide benefits from the speed of data access. This is also in line with Lintasarta’s strategy, which will prioritize the provision of flash SSD storage as a storage medium for production VM needs.


From a technical standpoint, the Input / Output capabilities and latency of flash SSDs reach 10 times faster than traditional spinning drives, so it will speed up the process of accessing enterprise business applications that support delivering real-time results. The SSD flash storage implementation in Lintasarta Cloud service will facilitate the overall business process of the company so it create a higher efficiency and productivity than before.


As is known, business applications are currently the leading solution for business enthusiast in improving service quality and customer experience, which ultimately supports increased corporate revenue. “Lintasarta strives to continue to apply high technology and the latest in supporting business expansion. The role of the cloud itself is very important and is the foundation of digital transformation by industry players, “Arya said.


Lintasarta provides Cloud Total Solution services ranging from infrastructure to applications for business enthusiast. Lintasarta has a cloud service solution series including public & private cloud, cloud backup & Disaster Recovery (DR), Storage as a Service, Resiliency, and Container as a Service.

Including there are Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions such as Lintasarta Robo-Advisory which is a robot-based financial planner assistant application that will provide recommendations for financial planning and insights to build an Artificial Intelligence technology-based investment strategy. And, Lintasarta Media Analytics, a social intelligence application that produces data-based social insights on social media & online media to support expansion and increase the company’s brand awareness.

At the age of 31, Lintasarta has also been actively involved in building a digital ecosystem in Indonesia, through the Appcelerate program that conducts competition and incubation start-ups to produce business applications that are able to support business people in various industrial and government sectors.


The Appcelerate program also collaborates with various well-known universities in Indonesia such as the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Gajah Mada University (UGM), and Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS). In the end, Lintasarta ensured that it could continue to present business growth from various national industrial sectors through reliable and innovative ICT solutions.