Lintasarta brings Smart City into being in Siak Regency

17 Feb 2020 | Irma Nasution

Jakarta, February 2020 – The commitments of Lintasarta are at present so extensive to assist regions in Indonesia by implementing Smart City solutions. Lintasarta gives its fullest support to the Smart City establishment in Siak Regency Government, Riau Province, after helping the implementation of Smart City solutions in more than 20 regions of cities and/or regencies in Indonesia.

“Smart City will help Siak Regency Government in making strategic decisions and sustainable development goals that related to, among others, events and development of tourism potential, river waste surveillance, monitoring and anticipation of forest and land fires, which all will be supported by electronic data and IoT,” said Zulfahmi, Lintasarta Senior Manager Central Sumatera Area.

To help the enactment of Smart City in Siak Regency Government region, Lintasarta gives its contribution starting from Smart City Platform, Smart Tourism, Internet Access, to CCTV with full assimilation with regional government-owned applications. In the initial stage, Smart City in Siak Regency focusses on data integration with a Smart City platform – SKOTA DATA – and tourism potential through Smart Tourism application development (Android).

“This will enhance public services, all Siak Regency residents will receive beneficial and high-quality information, and their active participation in national and state life will be increased,” Zulfahmi said.

SKOTA is a city solution offered by Lintasarta that supports government industries in providing the best Smart City service to city and region inhabitants. A comprehensive solution offered by SKOTA is divided into some stages, ranging from planning, implementation, to socialization.

“This expansion of city after city shows Lintasarta sticks to its commitment to making Indonesia greater and smarter. When many cities have developed Smart City, especially provided by Lintasarta, this will excite other cities to follow the path to become smarter cities and later to be independent cities, increase its Original Local Government Revenue and Public Services,” said Alfi Asman, Lintasarta Business Director.

Alfi added, through a complete Information and Communications Technology (ICT) total solution – starting from reliable ICT infrastructure to extensive communication network to the most remote area of Indonesia – this has become the foundation of Lintasarta to support regional development in Indonesia, particularly the enforcement of Smart City.

Lintasarta is committed to support Indonesia to grow through technology, and collaboration is the key success to uphold the goal. Smart City implementation in Siak Regency Government region adds the list of Cities and Regencies that have been supported by Lintasarta for the implementation of Smart City.

The launch of Siak Live Room was held on February 13, 2020, and attended by Director General of Post and Informatics Operations Ahmad M. Ramli, Siak Regent Drs.H.Alfedri, M.Si, Forkopimda (Regional Leadership Communication Forum), Siak Regency Government Management Committees, Lintasarta Business Director Alfi Asman, and other Lintasarta Management Committees.