Lintasarta launches the first ever command center in Mimika, Papua

7 Jan 2020 | Tunggul Pramandyo Dipo

Jakarta, Januari 2020 – Lintasarta supports Mimika Regency government to launch the first time ever Mimika Command Center (MCC) in Papua that will help infrastructure development in the regency.

“The collaborative is designed to support Indonesian government program to implement Smart City in our country,” said Ade Kurniawan, Lintasarta Corporate Secretary General Manager. He added, this is also in line with Lintasarta tagline, Empowering Your Future, to become a better nation in the future.

Aside from providing the Command Center, there are 10 units of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) that will be installed at 10 different traffic light points and 2 in Timika government headquarter which later send the real-time feed to MCC; communications network that connects 34 Regional Working Units (RWUs); Video Conference to communicate with remote districts and RWUs; Internet Bandwidth centralized in Kominfo Data Center and MCC; and also a platform to integrate all RWUs application to one big screen at MCC.

Therefore, the CCTV and all RWUs applications integrated with Command Center are expected to reduce crime rates and law violation both in the government workplace and on the roads, especially in Timika.

“Lintasarta will continue to be committed to help country’s development in information and communication technology area with new innovations that can bring Indonesia to be able to compete with neighboring countries or any other developing countries,” Ade said.

The launch event was attended by Mimika Deputy Regent Johannes Rettob, Chief of Mimika Resort Police Superintendent Era Adhinata, Mimika Regional People’s Representative Council Act. Speaker Iwan Anwar, and Lintasarta Sulampua Area Senior Manager Baginda PH. Simbolon. Mimika Command Center is expected to help police to trace down criminals’ data on the road as the vehicle registration alphanumeric plates will be recorded in the Intelligence Video Analytic (IVA) system that simultaneously integrated with Vehicle Document Registration Center (Samsat) system.

Mimika Command Center adding the list of cities and regencies that have been supported by Lintasarta for the implementation of Smart City, such as Badung Regency, Bali; Batu City, East Java; and Langkat Regency, North Sumatera. As a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company, Lintasarta plans to continue innovating to leverage the rapid growth of Indonesia and one of the attempts is by presenting Lintasarta Smart City solution that can be conducted from Sabang to Merauke. The implementation of Lintasarta Smart City solution is started from The Masterplan, Infrastructure that includes Fiber Optic, Data Center and Command Center, Data Integration, Application such as Smart Farmer, SKOTA Wisata, Citizen Request and SKOTA Pajak, Change Management, and Socialization.