Lintasarta Will Always be with Customers

7 Apr 2020

To all Lintasarta valued customers,


Coronavirus (Covid-19) appears to have accelerated trends and keep spreading to a wider area, especially in Indonesia. The outbreak has impacted many businesses in Indonesia and many other countries. The crushing impact is not only on small and medium businesses, but it is also hitting the large enterprises. Therefore, solutions are needed to prevent coronavirus and businesses can continue to operate indefinitely. 


Some firms have been permitting their employees to work from home. Not merely to reduce the spread of coronavirus, this will also help firms to keep their business going during the pandemic. They can conduct all business activities online by using the digital platform.


The president Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has urged regional leaders to compile a new policy based on the condition in their region to work, study, and pray at home, and adjourn all activities that will involve many people to it. 


To support President’s call and as a form of awareness on employees’ health and safety, Lintasarta decided to divide the work procedures into two ways, first to implement task shifting to handle customer operational services directly (due to their functions and responsibilities), and second to allow some of the employees to work from home.


We do realize this is not the right time to come to the office or to operate your business as usual. The president himself has given the call for all of us to stay at home until the condition return to normal. However, as an ICT company in Indonesia, Lintasarta will ensure to give the best service to satisfy the needs in IT and network for your company.  


Amid the outbreak, Lintasarta will keep committing to preserve the Service Level Agreement (SLA), new install, and other services. Lintasarta operational team will commence to work alternately and will be equipped with safety procedures and workwear to protect our employees so that all processes to customers can be done appropriately.


To reduce the spread of coronavirus and keep your business optimal, we are ready to help you by providing several prominent solutions such as Internet Dedicated, Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS), SD-WAN, Integrated Threat Management, SKOTA Data, e-KYC, and many other solutions.


Lintasarta Call Center will open 24/7 and ready to help our customers during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Lintasarta hopes this pandemic will end soon and we will always present to help your business amid these unprecedented times. We will propel your business journey moving forward.


Lintasarta, Empowering Your Future