Lintasarta Focuses on Developing Industrial Solutions for Customers

5 Apr 2019

JAKARTA. The digital era is developing so rapidly and influences the business penetration patterns of national businesses. The era of digital transformation encourages industry players to increase competitiveness, efficiency, innovation, and speed, in meeting market needs. Digital transformation is a necessity for national industry players to continue to exist in increasingly fierce market competition.


Lintasarta was established in April 1988, has become part of the dynamics of business in Indonesia by presenting data communication services, the internet, and business solutions. Entering its third age on April 4, 2019, Lintasarta as a provider of corporate needs strengthens various connectivity and IT Services products. “Lintasarta positions itself as an ICT Total Solution Company for Industry players,” said Lintasarta President Director Arya Damar.


Lintasarta develops products and services that respond to industrial needs in accordance with the development of world technology. “Data communication, IT Services, e-Health services, Internet services, data centers, clouds, social media analitycs, fleet management, and other banking and financial industry solutions,” he said. Arya continued, we are also supported by 100 percent of Indonesia’s human resources with global standards.


Looking at the development of existing digital transformation, in implementing changes in digital transformation, all parties must collaborate. “Therefore, Lintasarta also collaborates with various parties to produce the best solutions,” said the CEO of Lintasarta since 2014.


With a vision to become the heart of national digitalization, Lintasarta adds its business focus by developing industrial solutions. Where the focus of this industrial solution focuses on the financial industry, smart city, and healthcare. Teams consisting of young people who have global standard potential will produce a variety of digital solutions for these 3 industries, and have also prepared their own work space with the current theme as a co-working space.


Lintasarta has built a digital startup ecosystem for 3 years, one of which is collaboration with the Bandung Institute of Technology, Gadjah Mada University, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. This collaboration is by building incubation and acceleration for young inventors who will later become B2B digital startups.


This collaboration, said Arya, is to answer the challenges of the diverse needs of industrial digitalization. “You could say Lintasarta bridges industry needs with the startup application technology developers. In the long term, it will help create a digital economy, “he said.