Lintasarta Gives 3,200 Coding Scholarships for SMK Students and Graduates

24 Feb 2020

Bandung, February 24, 2020. As an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) company, Lintasarta is committed to taking part in advancing the development of the IT industry in Indonesia. One of the efforts is to produce young programmers who are ready to compete in the digital field by providing 3,200 coding scholarships to Vocational School students (SMK) through the Lintasarta Digischool program.


“Bandung is the first city to commence the operation of Lintasarta Digischool. We will roadshow to nine cities in Indonesia during the first semester of 2020,” said Lintasarta Datacomm Director Ginandjar in his speech at the Lintasarta Digischool launching event.


Ginandjar said Indonesia is in need of programmer personnel and their skills are inadequate amid rapid technological developments.


“Hopefully this initiative can be one solution to meet the needs of programmers who are ready to work,” he said.


Lintasarta Corporate Secretary General Manager Ade Kurniawan added, through the social responsibility program in SMART pillar, Lintasarta launches Lintasarta Digischool with aim to the implementation of the government’s aspirations to make Indonesia as home of the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia. In addition, this program is also in line with Lintasarta’s vision, to be a leader in business information and communication solutions in Indonesia


“This can be the spirit of change in developing the country. At the age of 32 years, Lintasarta wants to make the best contribution to the progress of IT and digital industry in Indonesia, “said Ade.


In this program, he continued, Lintasarta invites vocational school students and graduates with a maximum age of 29 years old who are interested in technology to join our online learning scholarship program which includes a beginner class curriculum for Android Applications and Web Programming. The next process is selecting 200 people to send out to the expert classes and receive global standard certifications from Dicoding (Google Developers Authorized Training Partner) as Lintasarta’s partners in providing the international industry standard curriculum.


The entire learning and consultation process are carried out online, it is hoped that all participants can learn more freely without the limitations of space and time. In addition to online scholarships, Lintasarta is also organizing Lintasarta Developer Talk events in 9 cities, starting with Launching activities today in Bandung, then will continue in Medan, Makassar, Malang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Palembang, Pekanbaru, and Samarinda. Lintasarta Developer Talk is a medium where participants are able to share knowledge related to the digital industry, especially Android, while simultaneously introducing Lintasarta and Lintasarta Digischool’s program among millennials.


“Lintasarta’s social responsibility program is expected to improve soft skills of vocational school students and graduates in Indonesia so that they can get a decent work to improve their lives and guard Indonesia towards the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia,” said Ade.


As a partner, this program is fully supported by Dicoding. According to Dicoding CEO Narenda Wicaksono, to this day, the potential of vocational school graduates in Indonesia has not been optimally utilized by the digital industry. According to him, an appropriate digital curriculum is needed to be able to increase the chances of SMK graduates being utilized optimally. “We believe that the Lintasarta Digischool Scholarship program can make it happen. Producing digital talent from vocational school graduates with global competence is our target,” Narenda concluded.


The Lintasarta Digischool Scholarship will take place from 24 February – 30 April 2020 for beginner classes and 08 May – 04 September 2020 for expert classes. For more information regarding the Lintasarta Digischool program, please visit and on Lintasarta social media (IG: @ Lintasarta.official; FB: Lintasarta.official; Twitter: @lintasarta; LinkedIn: Lintasarta).