Deka Flexi: A locally-developed Public Cloud with the most affordable price in Indonesia for business efficiency

21 Jun 2021 | Tunggul Pramandyo Dipo

Lintasarta held a webinar to reintroducing its Cloud services with a new brand name, Cloudeka. The webinar event, which was held on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, was probing about “How Cloud Computing Improve Your Business Efficiency” and invited Red Hat as a guest speaker.


The pandemic of Covid-19, which is still ongoing today, has had a major impact on the global economy, especially in Indonesia. Business players from various industries are not only required to innovate, but also to perform efficiently in almost all business lines to optimize its revenue.


Regarding this situation, the emergence of new needs for Information and Communication Technology is increasing, one of which is Cloud Computing. Hari Wibowo, Red Hat Channel Solutions Architect, said the trend of digital transformation in the pandemic era can be implemented with Cloud Computing that has 3 essential criteria, such as speed, scalability, and stability. Cloud that can be designed quickly, auto scaled, and is consistently accessible, will provide an optimal user experience, especially for mobile applications and new platform users.


Efficiency efforts and challenges for the company

Many show interest to discuss efficiency and is used as a business solution to keep it running as expected. But how can a business achieve efficiency by using technology?


Cloudeka Vice President, Reski Rukmantiyo, suggested that business players should be able to optimize technology and resources to adapt to the rapidly changing and fluctuating situation like today, especially to continue to meet customer needs. With the trend of working from home (WFH) or teleworking, companies must be able to provide adequate infrastructures such as the Internet with high bandwidth and adequate servers. Companies must not only challenge its employees to work as effectively as possible amid a pandemic, but also must prepare reliable infrastructure, technology, and solutions to meet these challenges.


Other things that can be done to improve efficiency, such as using Resources on Demand, converting Capex to Opex, and using Open-Source software, such as Red Hat OpenStack. Open-Source software is developed and maintained by a community-developed ecosystem so that it will grow quickly and innovatively. Open-Source culture has a standard that must be obtained and worked together by the community. If there are applications that have been used and it turns out that bugs are found in the application, then this problem will be worked on together in the community. It should be noted that the community is not only a medium to accommodate problems, but also a place for new development to make Open-Source Software more innovative.


Deka Flexi, Public Cloud innovation from the nation’s children

Lintasarta has developed an OpenStack-based Public Cloud called Deka Flexi. The Deka Flexi concept will provide convenience for potential users, starting from the subscription process, such as shopping at the marketplace, to the deployment process. The server can be used by more than 1,500 users and is very easy to use (interface). Moreover, Deka Flexi will become an affordable Enterprise-Grade Public Cloud in Indonesia by offering prices starting from IDR 350,000.00.


Deka is a Sanskrit word that means 10, indicating that it has been 10 years since Lintasarta has presented Cloud solutions in Indonesia. Flexi means the flexibility provided by Cloudeka’s OpenStack-based Public Cloud service. This flexibility will include terms of services, payments, and so on. After 10 years, Lintasarta Cloudeka will continue to develop well innovated Cloud solutions.


Redundancy, Availability, and Security of Deka Flexi

Deka Flexi is an Openstack-based Public Cloud service that already has the capability to build instances on top of OpenStack, so that redundancy is also quickly resolved by replicating instances instead of setting up its infrastructure. Worry-less performance when it reaches peak load thanks to the auto-scaling feature. Then the availability has been well designed by Cloudeka with the scenario of compute nodes that already exist in 1 or 2 OpenStack clusters.


In terms of security, Deka Flexi has provided a built-in Firewall as a Service. However, if customers might need other security solutions, Lintasarta has a wide selection of security solutions that customers can choose from, such as Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Web Application Firewall (WAF), Anti-DDoS, and Managed Security Operation Center (SOC). This will lead to comprehensive and active security solutions monitored by highly skilled SOC team.


OpenIXP Network Interference, Deka Flexi remains safe

Recently, IndiHome users have faced problems with interference to the OpenIXP and IIX networks which have caused a slow Internet connection. The source of the problem is the quota limit that has exceeded the capacity so that the Internet speed decreases (throttling), considering that IndiHome applies a Fair Usage Policy (UFP) to avoid excessive usage.


Cloudeka as one of the Cloud providers in Indonesia is also incorporated into the National OpenIXP network. However, Cloudeka uses a redundant network topology – a direct peering with service providers so that it is free from congestion that is happening in OpenIXP. Lintasarta also provides various network services such as Internet Dedicated, Metro Ethernet, Leased Line, and others that can be collaborated with Deka Flexi and Deka Premium (Private Cloud).


Various other topics such as efficiency for companies with many branches, dealing with disruptions caused by natural disasters, real-time data replication, and comparison of Cloud and MPLS response rates have been fully discussed in this webinar. If you would like to watch it (available on-demand), please click here or contact us for more information.