Bank Sumut and Lintasarta Sign an Agreement to Strengthen Digital Bank Service

11 Mar 2022 | Tunggul Pramandyo Dipo

Jakarta, 4 March 2022 – Lintasarta, an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) total solution company, sign an agreement with PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Sumatera Utara, commonly known as Bank Sumut, to develop and strengthen their digital bank core technology, and the signing ceremony was held at Lintasarta Headquarter, Menara Thamrin, Jakarta (4/3), with Lintasarta Commerce Director, Alfi Asman, and Bank Sumut Finance & IT Director, Arieta Aryanti Permata Lestari, and is also witnessed by Bank Sumut President Director, Rahmat Fadillah Pohan.


“This collaboration is expected to cater to the needs of the Bank Sumut, especially in managing the infrastructure, business processes, mechanisms, as well as strengthening the operations and services to the customers,” said Alfi.

By virtue of this cooperation, Lintasarta provides Managed Server Virtualization, Managed Firewall, Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Managed Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) to buttress the implementation of digitalization at Bank Sumut.

Managed Server Virtualization has been initiated since a few months ago, thanks to Lintasarta’s assistance. In the future, it is hoped that Bank Sumut’s services to customers will be more optimal, especially in mobile banking services to anticipate downtime in banking applications,” said Pohan.


Banking services should no longer use physical servers, given the shortcomings such as the extortionate server price and its maintenance, land requirements that must meet criteria, and large electricity consumption.

Alfi added that an alternative that banks can do to meet the market trends and the growing customer needs, as well as the volume expansion in the transaction, is to use virtualization-based Cloud Computing services, such as Lintasarta Cloudeka. In addition, Cloud is better positioned to respond to the uncertainties of the global economy and finances, especially due to the ongoing Pandemic.

However, only using Cloud without support from reliable security systems will not be enough. Numerous cases of cyberattacks were reported throughout 2021 from various industries, especially banking. Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), for example, this system is able to ward off cyber threats even though they are hiding behind the applications.


NGFW, in many cases, is not able to prevent attacks against web-based applications, which are mostly known as SQL Injection attacks. Therefore, a Web Application Firewall (WAF) is requisite. Several possible events can occur starting from defacement of the website or attacks on the appearance of the website, to entering the database and stealing company confidential data.

The collaboration of Bank Sumut with Lintasarta will continue to be carried out to achieve an optimal process of digitizing Bank Sumut’s banking services and meet customer needs in the digital era.