Product Details

Vulnerability Management Service

Lintasarta Vulnerability Management Service identifies corporate system vulnerabilities with external and internal scanning methods, enabling a company to know and prevent attacks from various security loopholes.


Lintasarta Vulnerability Management Service ensures you to identify security vulnerabilities in the company's IT system, so that you can avoid IT security attacks.

Service Features

Features that Lintasarta facilitates

  • Public and Private IP Address Scanning
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • Multiple Report template


Services Excellence

By subscribing Vulnerability Management Service, you will get:

  • Flexibility Scanning
    Scanning method for public IP Address and private IP Address.
  • Cloud based protection
    No additional expenditure for device purchasing (OpEx).
  • Round the Clock Monitoring
    Monitored within 24 hours 7 days a week from Lintasarta SOC run by IT Security Professional.
  • Monthly Cost
    Monthly subscription per user method.
  • Customer dashboard
    Web-based portal for monitoring and ticketing management (
  • Full Audit Report
    Complete audit report and recommendations.