Creating Added-Values Services

Service companies are consistently undergoing rapid growth. In fact, the service industry continues to provide the foundation of economic growth amid the ongoing poor performance of other industries. Indonesia is no exception in this respect, as the country's creative industry, which offers digital technology-based services, keeps strengthening its position while the trade and manufacturing industries weaken. Each of the participants in this industry is forced to address the intense competition surrounding them by upgrading the creativity of their goods and services through utilizing advances in technology and innovation.

Our Products

Why choose us for Service Solutions?

At Lintasarta, we boast integrated solutions to support developments in ICT-based (Information & Communications Technology) services so that companies in this industry are able to innovate in terms of products and services while improving their Corporate Service Level for their clients. Our innovative technologies also offer added value to the products and services we provide, thereby increasing earnings and market reach while creating a dynamic business presence.