Product Details

Lintasarta Smart City

Smart City Solutions Lintasarta offers end-to-end solutions in several stages, from planning, implementation, to socialization.


Smart City implementation is more focused With the stages offered, this solutions the government in Smart City implementation becomes more focused, measurable, and optimal ranging from planning, implementation, to socialization. Actualize Realizing the One Data Concept Local government data and information from various sources such as applications or data from relevant departments / SKPD will be integrated in one platform that is stored in one database so that the data stored and presented will be more valid and reliable. Complete solution for Smart City implementation for Local Governments Provide solutions not only technology and application infrastructure, but complete assistance with 6 stages, namely: Masterplan, IT infrastructure, Data Integration Services, Applications, Change Management Assistance, and Socialization, and supported by good professional services. With these stages, Smart City implementation in the area can run more optimally. Empowering the IT ecosystem in the region Smart City Lintasarta's solution enables ecosystem partner in information technology. Lintasarta invites and empowers local resources such as local application developers, local IT integrators / distributors, and other roles within the Smart City ecosystem.

Service Features

The stages of Smart City Lintasarta services includes:

  • Assistance in the preparation of Smart City master plan, in collaboration with academic institutions.
  • IT Infrastructure
    Lintasarta offers Data Communication, Internet and IT Services to Local Governments and also offers construction / renovation services for Command Center rooms.
  • Data Integration Services
    Lintasarta offers services to integrate data from related departments / SKPD into a platform and one database for each region.
  • There are 4 applications for community service, which are Command Center application, Citizen Request application, City Living application, Social Media Monitoring & Analytics application, and Smarter Farmer application (specifically for agriculture).
  • Change Management
    Lintasarta offers internal socialization assistance to the government for everyone to have the same mindset and vision for Smart City.
  • Socialization
    Lintasarta offers solutions for socialization to the community through the services of Project Digital Marketing such as Digital Signage (Videotron), Wi-Fi, and SEO Social Media Activation.


Services Excellence

  • A more focused Smart City's development and implementation
    With the assistance of masterplan preparation, Local Government can focus more on Smart City implementation with the Blueprint Masterplan Smart City area.
  • Support for maintenance and application updates
    With cloud-based platform solutions, local governments can easily get the latest maintenance and updates for their applications..
  • Customized Solution
    Smart City Solutions meets the needs and conditions of the region's potential and resources of the area.
  • Full Support hingga on-site
    Support services assisted by Lintasarta Resident Engineer.