Product Details

Lintasarta Empowerment on Advance Professional Services (LEAPS)

LEAPS provides professional services for various activities Network & Information Technology (IT) field. With LEAPS, these activities can be completed better & reach 50% efficiency, and you can focus more on increasing the value of the company's business.


With the support of reliable & professional resources, we assist you to accomplish your work efficiently. You can reduce employee costs, save time for recruitment & training, while giving the best service.

Service Features

Main Features

  • Focus on Multi Layer Industry
    Professional personnel and meets every business segments.
  • On Demand Flexibility
    Main services can be added as additional services as in integrated monitoring and ticketing tools, with flexible subscription time.
  • Reliable
    Provide excellent service based on SLA up to 99% agreed upon.
  • End to End Solution
    Providing one-door add-on services, including monitoring / ticketing system tools, support devices, attendance etc.


The Package

IT Services Desk
Provision of professional services personnel in acceptance & management complaints IT Services.
Command Center Operator
Provision of professional services for operational & handling disruption of Network & IT services, available in 8x5 or 24x7
Managed Data Center
Provision of professional services for the operation of a Data Center.