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Lintasarta Telemedicine

Telemedicine is an online application solution to support remote doctor consultation.


What is Lintasarta Telemedicine?
Why Choose Lintasarta Telemedicine

An information technology-based health service for remote doctor consultation within the hospital policy, so that the principles of patient safety and patient data security can be implemented following the applicable regulations. Lintasarta Telemedicine is a solution for hospitals to serve online doctor consultations with mild cases both during the pandemic and post-pandemic times.
  • Flexible Access: Built with a web-based system which will allow you to access from any devices.
  • Connectivity: Can be integrated with SIMRS, Medical Devices, and Payment Gateway.
  • Security Data: All patient data will be secured and safe because it is within the scope of the hospital.
  • Full Support: 24 x 7 service support throughout cities of Indonesia.
  • Maintain hospital income.
  • Online doctor consultation will allow medical personnel to reduce the risk of getting exposed to Covid-19.

Service Features

Online Appointment

  • Online self-registration to the poly and doctor needed by the patient.



  • Information data based on the patient symptom and condition with the user-friendly interface and language to ease the process of doctor's history taking process.


Fully Integrated

  • Easy integration with various parties, including SIMRS runs in the hospitals.


Video Conference – Messaging

  • Facilitate the communication process between doctors and patients in the form of video conferencing, chatbox, or combining the two.


Secure Document Share

  • Review patient medical history and record safely, because it is within the scope of the hospital server and database.



Services Excellence

What makes Lintasarta Telemedicine different?

    Integrated atau stand alone
    Dedicated application
  • The application can run independently or be integrated with SIMRS.
  • One server and database are exclusively owned for one hospital, so that the security of patient data is guaranteed.
  • Applications can be tailored to the needs of the hospital.

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