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Lintasarta SIMRS

SIMRS or HIS (Hospital Information System) is a powerful solution combining information technology and hospital system that will allow you to integrate all the hospital processes in a real-time manner to obtain either medical or non-medical information precisely and accurately.


What is Lintasarta SIMRS?
Why Choose Lintasarta SIMRS

Lintasarta SIMRS is a hospital application solution for government or non-government (private) B- and C-class hospitals that is aiming to enhance the integrated services for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) ranging from registration to report (Front and Back Office).
  • A hospital technology that integrates all kinds of information, whether from patient services or management and finance.
  • Recording patient service medical history and records electronically and integrated into one application.
  • User-friendly displays and functions that suit your needs, making it easier for users to input data.

Service Features


  • A web-based application that will not require to install on the user computer and make it easy to update.


BPJS Ready

  • Integrated to the BPJS system and free BPJS software updates.


Support 24x7

  • Providing 24x7 customer support for issue management with the best Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteed.



Services Excellence

Apa yang membuat Lintasarta SIMRS berbeda?

  • Full Support
    Oriented as an IT consultant, so that we are not only selling and providing the software but also for maximizing service acceleration.

  • Business Roadmap
    Provide a roadmap to converting hospital as a “Smart and Care Hospital”.

  • Collaborations
    Collaborate with the most comprehensive Lintasarta’s product and solution to enhance service performance.

  • Modules
    Equipped with 18 modules for hospital solutions.

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