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Managed Security Operation Center (SOC)

Lintasarta Managed SOC makes your work easier every day. Our SOC provides 24/7 monitoring & response for your company's IT network security.


What is Lintasarta Managed SOC?
Why Choose Lintasarta Managed SOC?

A managed security service that can improve IT security posture in a company. Through the Lintasarta Security Operation Center (SOC) facility, globally certified security experts can detect cyberattacks 24/7 with a minimal false positive rate and respond 24/7 from the results of cyber incident clarification supported by the best technology version of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for the category of Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) before it had a fatal impact on the business.
  • Secure Applications and Network: comprehensive visibility into the security of your network and applications without compromising the confidentiality of Your data.
  • Managed: The provision of SOC services that provide two important SLAs, namely incident detection and incident response (up-to 15 minutes) combined with the most complete and easy-to-understand remediation report for Your company's IT team.
  • Fast Deployment: flexible and fast implementation (less than 2 weeks) supported by core deployment with business-ready status on Lintasarta premise.
  • Economics Revolution: subscription model with monthly payments, so you don't need big capital and high risk to start from scratch.

Service Features

Preparation & Installation

  • Our SOC team will provide free consultation and also oversee the installation process according to best practices so that the service runs effectively and efficiently.


24x7 Monitoring & Alerting

  • You can connect directly with our 24/7 team of analysts at Lintasarta SOC by phone or short message application if a cyber incident is found.


Remediaton report

  • You will receive a remediation report that is easy for your IT team to understand for taking proper remediation steps.


Log Retention

  • Our SOC team will back up logs for 3 months, for future incident investigation purposes if needed.


Services Excellence

What makes Lintasarta Managed SOC different?

    LogRhythm Official MSSP
      End-to-end Security Solution
    • Lintasarta is an official partner of LogRhythm as a leading provider of SIEM technology with the titles of Managed Security Services Provider and Security Services Authorized.
      • Lintasarta provides complete managed IT security services that can enhance your company's security through a single vendor.

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