Product Details

Managed Antivirus

Lintasarta Managed Antivirus protects your company endpoint (laptop / computer) devices, preventing the virus from infecting other computers on the company's network. This protection allows your IT device performance to be more reliable.


Lintasarta Managed Antivirus provides protection to all your company's employees' devices from malware and other attacks.

Service Features


  • Centralized Visibility and Control
  • Advance Malware and Ransomware Protection
  • Web Reputation
  • Risky File Warning
  • Memory Scan


Services Excellence

With Managed Antivirus, you'll get:

  • Full Managed
    Fully-supported by Lintasarta's IT Security expert team
  • Cloud-based Protection
    No additional expenditure for device purchasing (OpEx)
  • Round the clock monitoring
    Monitored within 24 hours 7 days a week from Lintasarta SOC run by IT Security Professionals
  • Monthly Cost
    Monthly subscription per user method