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With IT and business demands growing everyday, traditional IT Infrastructure are giving way to cloud and to diverse enterprise environments that can more easily meet needs for greater scalability, continuous availability and real-time responsiveness. But managing heterogeneous IT on your own can be challenging.

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Why choose us for Managed Security Solutions?

Lintasarta Managed Security Services helps organizations build security strategy by offering complete suite of assessment and consulting services. This solution provides a complete suite of Managed Security Services for management and monitoring of security infrastructure.

With Managed Security Services, you are accessing the full depth and breadth of IBM’s expertise. We offer the full suite of managed security services, from the back office to the front office. And the true power of our partnership lies in the integration and coordination of security services across your enterprise. For example, included in every Managed Security Service is access to the IBM Security Operations Center Portal, a single window into your entire security world.

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