Product Details

Lintasarta WAN Optimizer

Lintasarta WAN Optimizer is an optimization service for transferring files from head office (data center) to branch offices or vice versa on WAN network systems. With Lintasarta WAN Optimizer, file transfers will be faster and the use of private WAN bandwidth will be more effective.

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Lintasarta is proven to be the largest WAN Optimizer service provider in Indonesia in 2016. In collaboration with Riverbed as a leading technology partner in its field, supported by reliable IT resources, we ensure the effectiveness of customer WAN networks so that bandwidth can be utilized for other needs.

Service Features

Main Features

  • Cost Efficiency
    You only have to pay a monthly cost (OpEx) for the type of service selected, no investment is needed for the purchase of equipment, license, or other support (CapEx).
  • All Managed
    With the high SLA fully supported by Lintasarta NOC and Certified Engineer facilities across Indonesia, you will get full IT support.


Technical Specification

  • Visibility
    Recognize WAN traffic over the network to the application level.
  • Quality of Service
    Application of priority to applications that are passed through the WAN network.
  • Data Reduction
    With duplication and data compression techniques passed through the WAN network.
  • Caching
    Perangkat lokal mampu menyimpan data yang sering diakses, sehingga jaringan WAN hanya dilewati data yang berubah saja.


Additional Features

  • Monitoring
    You can immediately supervise all the performance of the WAN Optimizer device that you have with the Lintasarta NOC facility..


The Package

Small Branch
Perangkat ditempatkan di tiap kantor cabang Anda untuk mempercepat file transfer dari dan ke cabang.
Medium Branch
Perangkat ditempatkan di tiap kantor cabang utama Anda guna mempercepat file transfer dari dan ke cabang utama.
Large Branch or Data Center
Perangkat ditempatkan di kantor pusat (HQ) atau di pusat data Anda guna mempercepat file transfer dari dan ke pusat.

Services Excellence

Lintasarta Managed WAN Optimizer facilitates delivery of data and application in flexible, easy, fast and convenient way and address bandwidth and latency issues at branch offices or faced by mobile staffs.

Excellent Features of Lintasarta WAN Optimizer:

Financial FlexibilityThe leasing scheme allows the company to adjust the expenses with the business growth
SLA based servicesRegular monitoring and analysis by Lintasarta team to WAN Optimizer equipment will provide the customers with the right recommendation for network and data consumption for each application. Lintasarta also provides back-up solution whenever the customer needs it.
24-hour monitoring by the expert team
24-hour monitoringby the expert team
Customer TransparencyAs the customer is allowed to do self monitoring to its WAN Optimizer equipment, they can use the existing tools provided by Lintasarta.