Product Details

Lintasarta Managed Service SD - WAN

Lintasarta Managed Service SD-WAN as a provider of SD-WAN solutions, will assist companies in providing network infrastructure, SD-WAN devices, professional experts, also monitoring and maintaining other devices to support SD-WAN technology.


Lintasarta Managed Service SD-WAN with High Performance Network solutions, guarantees more optimal traffic with the load balancer feature. Where customers can adjust traffic allocation in each branch according to the needs of each branch. Lintasarta Managed Service SD-WAN is also guaranteed its security, SD-WAN High Security owned by Lintasarta, is equipped with a Unified Threat Management (UTM) feature that can maintain network security from external threats. Network Flexibility technology from Lintasarta Managed Service SD-WAN allows customers to choose several types of networks according to their needs. In addition, this technology has an Automatic Dynamic Path Selection feature so that applications can choose which link is best as the best path. The active-active feature on SD-WAN makes all links, both mainlink and backup, can be utilized so that no links are idle and makes the network more optimal. Supported by professional and experienced experts in the field of network / network up to security and has a CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, NSE (Network Security Expert) certification.

Service Features

Experienced and certified experts

  • Lintasarta as a Data Communication Provider for 30 years, has experience in providing total secure network solutions and has certified experts.


Engineers spread throughout Indonesia

  • Lintasarta has representative branch offices with on site engineers spread all over Indonesia, so that installation and handling of disruptions at all customer locations can be handled more quickly.


Network Operational & Management Center

  • Lintasarta has an integrated network monitoring center that makes it easy for Lintasarta's team to detect interruptions or evaluate network performance in each customer.


The Package

Basic Managed
Secure SD-WAN Solution
• Device installation and management
Perform the installation and configuration of the customer's network, including customized configurations requested by the customer.

• Standard Secure SD-WAN Features
Provides secure SD-WAN standard features such as: stateful firewall, traffic shaping for priority applications, IPSec VPN tunnel, link path controller & health monitoring, auto failover, active-active multi-link, and load balancing.

• Network Operation Center Management
Management system in managing network operations and Lintasarta's devices for all customer locations.

• Preventive Maitenance
Perform preventive maintenance and monitoring for supporting devices.

• Reporting
Provide monthly reporting to customers regarding the performance of the link and the device.

Advanced Managed
Secure SD-WAN Solution with UTM
• Comprehensive Monitoring Dashboard
Provides additional facilities in the form of dashboard access monitoring performance and network quality across all customer sites.

• Dedicated Help Desk & Engineer On-Site
Providing dedicated help desk services for platinum customers and additional dedicated on-site engineer services according to customer requirements.

• Advanced Security
Provides additional UTM license services for a more advanced level of network security, such as Antivirus & Antimalware, Web Filtering, Application & Content Controlling, IPs Intrusion, etc.

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