Product Details

Lintasarta Managed Router

Lintasarta Managed Router represents a solution for the provision and management of routers using a leasing system that is more convenient and affordable for clients. Learn more about the Lintasarta Managed Router solution.


Lintasarta Managed Router is the ideal affordable solution for providing and managing the routers of companies with limited IT staff capable of setting up and maintaining their routers. Using a leasing system, companies no longer need to make any further investment. Lintasarta Managed Router solution allows companies to focus on the management of their business as all monitoring will be performed by Lintasarta.

Service Features

  • No additional investment required to purchase routers
  • Single point of contact together with a data communication network
  • Can be used for Managed Routers in Backhaul locations as well as at branch offices


Services Excellence

Monitoring is conducted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the Lintasarta team, thereby allowing companies to focus on managing their business.