Product Details

Lintasarta Managed Mail

Lintasarta Managed Mail is an integrated email messaging service with premium features. By using Lintasarta Managed Mail, you can improve your business coordination to a more sophisticated, simple, and secure level.


Besides providing maximum convenience in sending emails for the development of your business, Lintasarta Managed Mail also helps your business to obey government regulations. Working with Microsoft as a leading technology partner in its field, supported by Lintasarta's reliable cloud infrastructure in Indonesia, we ensure collaboration via email runs effectively, efficiently and safely.

Service Features

Main Features

  • Cost Efficiency
    You just pay monthly cost (OpEx) for the selected service package, no need to invest for the purchase of server, license, or other support (CapEx).
  • Cloud Based Solution
    The email server is located on the reliable and secure Lintasarta cloud infrastructure, monitored 24x7 by certified engineers at the Lintasarta ICC facility.
  • Secure Mail
    No ads, even the commercialization of information on customer emails.


Technical Specifications

  • More Powerful Inbox
    Advanced filters on the inbox for email users to focus on important emails.
  • Integrated Calendar
    Find out the availability of coworkers to easily set meeting via the all-in-one calendar.
  • Anti-Spam
    Filter to block spam (junk mail) from entering the inbox.
  • Mobile Application
    Maximum integration through the mobile application on your smartphone.


Additional Features

  • Migrasi Mail Server
    Transfer mail servers and mail accounts is easier and more practical.


The Package

Basic Package
Fitur paling dasar, sudah dilengkapi more powerful inbox dan anti-spam.
Standard Package
Fitur pada basic package, dilengkapi fitur integrated calendar dan ditambah akses dari mobile application.
Enterprise Package
Fitur tercanggih, cocok bagi bisnis Anda yang sangat bergantung pada email, dilengkapi dengan kemampuan berkirim voice mail.