Product Details

Lintasarta Managed LAN

Lintasarta Managed LAN is a solution for the provision and management of LAN hardware with either a ‘full outsource’ mechanism or, in the case the hardware belongs to the client, a ‘managed only’ mechanism. Learn more about Lintasarta Managed LAN.


The Lintasarta Managed LAN solution espouses the ‘one-stop shopping’ concept, allowing your company to go about its business without worrying about LAN hardware management and upgrade issues. Lintasarta Managed LAN offers a comprehensive solution for the provision of LAN hardware (PCs, Printers, Switches, WiFi, etc) with the support of an expert and professional workforce.

Service Features

Full outsource

  • All hardware is provided and managed by Lintasarta under leasing system.


Managed only

  • All hardware belongs to the company and Lintasarta is only responsible for its maintenance.


Services Excellence

  • No need to invest in LAN (PC, Printer, Switch, WiFi, etc).
  • Focus on core business
  • One stop Shopping
  • Local Support and Help Desk 24/7
  • Less LAN hardware maintenance