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Lintasarta IoT Platform

Lintasarta IoT Platform is a single-platform solution that can be used to implement and manage all type of IoT use cases.


What is Lintasarta IoT Platform?
Why Choose Lintasarta IoT Platform

Lintasarta IoT Platform offers an end-to-end IoT solution that can be scaled to any size. This platform can handleall the main functionality needed in an IoT solution development, such as device management, data collection, data storage, data processing, and data visualization.

This platform allows you to implement and manage all of your IoT solution development just from a single platform.
  • Simplify and quickly validate the business case of the IoT solution development.
  • Market and implement IoT solutions faster so you don’t fall behind your competitors.
  • Reduce the risk of failure and costs associated with the IoT solution development.
  • DComes with more than 100 ready-made widgets and a rule engine to help you speed up the development of IoT solutions.
  • Support numerous communication technologies to integrate and capture data from a variety of device manufacturers.

Service Features

Telemetry Data Collection

  • Collects and stores telemetry data reliably, avoiding network and device failures.


Data Visualization

  • There are over100 widgets to choose from, all of which may be customized. You can also create your own custom widgets using the given editor. These widgets include line charts, digital and analog measure, maps, and many more.


Device Management

  • Assists in the registration and management of devices. On the server-side, the platform also allows you to create device attributes. In addition, Lintasarta IoT Platform also provides APIs for server-side applications to send RPC to devices and vice versa.


Asset Management

  • In contrast to device management, asset management helps you to register and manage assets, as well as create asset attributes on the server-side and monitor alarms. In addition, Lintasarta IoT platform can alsobuild entity hierarchies using relation.


MQTT, HTTP, CoAP, OPC-UA Transport

  • Supports communication protocols MQTT, HTTP, CoAP, OPC-UA, etc. for transmittingtelemetry data from the device to the platform.


Rule Engine

  • The platform is made up of nodes that can be used to process data and perform actions based on the telemetry data and eventsthat are recorded to the platform.



  • The ability to generate and set alarms related to entities, devices, assets, customers when a predetermined value limit is exceeded.


NB-IoT, SigFox, LoRaWAN Support

  • Utilizes the data converter feature to connect with NB-IoT, SigFox, and LoRaWAN devices, which may be adjusted to your needs.


Role Management

  • Manages roles and permissions of users even in a most complex way. You can set up a a customer hierarchy with several sub-customers, independent users, and their own devices.



  • Allows you to use automatic scheduling to plan a variety of actions, such as generating reports, sending commands to devices, and updating configurations.



  • Generates comprehensive reports using dashboard visualization.


Integrations with Big Data Systems

  • Can be integrated with Big Data systems.


Platform Integration

  • Can be integrated with the existing systems such as billing systems, or with another existing IoT platform.



  • Supports SSL and entity authentication/credentials management.


Services Excellence

What makes Lintasarta IoT Platform different?

  • Utilized for Any IoT Use Cases

    The platform can be used to develop any kind of IoT use casesdepending to your needs. You can also useyour own sensors and IoT devices, as well as those provided by Lintasarta’s partners.

    As a result, you can develop IoT use cases such as remote asset & machine monitoring (smart manufacturing), fleet management, predictive maintenance, smart meters, and other use cases based on your company’s needs and challenges

  • Ready-made and customizable widgets

    With over 100 ready-to-use widgets, you can visualize you can visualize data from the IoT devices through a dashboard. You can also customize these widgets to meet yourown requirements.

  • Use your corporate identity

    You can use your company's design and logo on this platform, without having to use Lintasarta's design and logo. As a result, your IoT solution will look more appealing when used by your users or customers.

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