Product Details

Lintasarta Videotron Solutions

Lintasarta Videotron Solution helps you display your promotional messages through a medium that stole attention, both indoors and outdoors.


Videotron is a billboard display that uses LED technology and is used as a promotional media and information in the form of text and video in a size that is larger than the TV Display that is commonly used in Digital Signage. Videotron is also commonly used in outdoor media and can be made specifically (custom-made) with an iconic shape so that it can be the center of attention for promotion, both in indoor and outdoor locations.

Service Features

Easily Manage Contents

Upload and edit your commercial video content through an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).


Cloud-based Content Management

The CMS & data servers are placed in the cloud so your content management activities become very easy and mobile. You can easily upload video contents without having to do it manually at each site.


OpEx Model

We provide Videotron solution in the form of a monthly recurring charge that is economical, easy and fast.


Maintenance Without Difficulties

We provide managed services to help you maintain and replace Videotron devices if needed.


Online Monitoring

You can always monitor your Videotron using CCTV and the applications that will be provided.


The Package

Lintasarta Videotron solutions with various sizes suitable for indoors usage, such as branch office, airports, etc.
Lintasarta Videotron solutions with various sizes suitable for outdoor use, such as bus stations, city parks, etc.

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