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Media Analytics

Media Analytics is a social intelligence application that generates social insights by summarizing, analyzing, and monitoring public sentiments and trending issues from conversations happening in social media & online media. With Lintasarta Media Analytics, you can optimize the performance of your marketing activities. Use data from social media to transform your Twitter on Twitter and Facebook post into business opportunities!


Lintasarta Media Analytics helps you understand the public view of your brand. With this solution, you can monitor the effectiveness of the company's activities, recognize influential figures in the industry, determine the direction of innovation to monitor your competitors.

Service Features

Main Features

  • Brand/event Monitoring
    Display a collection of insights and analyzes of social media and online media related to your brand or event spread on 1,000 online media in real-time.
  • Sentiment Analysis
    Demonstrate a public positive or negative response to a brand or service. You can see customer complaints and feedback and respond directly.
  • Competitor Analysis
    Review competitors' marketing strategies, and how to position competitors in the market from their perspective.
  • Trending issue, Hashtag, and Key Influencer / Buzzer Analysis
    Track popular issues and hashtags related to your brand / service. Analysis of social media accounts that interact a lot with brand / service and have a large influencing power.
  • Spatial Analysis
    Analysis of social buzz from geographic location distribution.


Additional Features

  • Social Media Management
    Integrate all your social media to be centrally controlled and get the results of your campaign performance analysis through measurements of engagement rate, reach, etc.
  • Report
    Get weekly and monthly reports from analytics and get recommendations to improve the performance of your campaign programs.


The Package

All features for 5 Topics
All features for 10 Topics
All features for 15 Topics + Additional Features

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