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Lintasarta Third Party Card Management (TPCM)

Lintasarta offers a credit card issuance solution to various industries that require an international-class credit card with an exclusive brand.


What is
Lintasarta Third Party Card Management (TPCM)?
Why Choose Lintasarta TPCM

Lintasarta Third Party Card Management (TPCM) is an integrated card management system solution and provides a business operational for card-based payment services that are connected to various international payment networks. Lintasarta TPCM comes with a comprehensive solution, proven in the market, and affordable costs to build a digital payment business for your company. Digital payments business? Lintasarta TPCM is the solution!
  • Comprehensive modules and is affiliated with the market leader of card management provider in Indonesia
  • Connect directly to different international payment networks, such as VISA, MasterCard, JCB, dan China UnionPay
  • Handle the business operation of credit card management process with professional experts
  • Lintasarta is the only Third Party Card Management provider in Indonesia

Service Features

Card Issuance Management Functionalities

  • Manage the card issuance process, cardholder authorization, interaction with the international payment networks, fraud detection, bills calculation, and many other functions of user management


Merchant and Transaction Acquiring Functionalities

  • Merchant data management, transaction management, payment authorization, and transaction settlement process


Other Supporting Functionalities

  • Security operational system management, payment transaction process, manage the integration between systems and display the system interface to the user (System Administrator in your company)



Services Excellence

Lintasarta TPCM in action (Use Case)

  • Conventional
Enable a conventional bank to develop a credit card business
  • Credit Card

  • Shariah Bank
Enable Shariah Bank to develop a credit card business with Islamic Aqad
  • Shariah Credit Card

  • Multi Finance
Enable Multi Finance to increase its business value by offering credit card services to customers and convert the benefits to a new revenue stream
  • Credit Card

  • Corporate
Enable the corporation to issue credit cards for company operational purposes. Therefore, the corporation could start to manage operational spending and the transparency of operational transactions
  • Corporate Card

What makes Lintasarta TPCM different?

  • Pay as You Go
    Pay according to the amount of each card issuance to build your card business at the optimum cost

  • Make Your Own Rules
    Develop your business according to the needs and implement it instantly

  • Shariah Compliant
    Available in a shariah financial business model with a contract scheme that can be tailored to your company's business needs

  • Security Verified
    Verified security with PA-DSS (Payment Application - Data Security Standard) and PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) standards to ensure the security of your data

  • Accepted Worldwide
    Transactions will be received at any times and anywhere around the world

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