Product Details

Digital Way Finding

Three-dimensional (3D) multimedia map to make it easier for visitors to find floor plan and relevant informations in public places such as airports, malls, museums and other buildings to find information.


Lintasarta Digital Way Finding is a solution that can help your location/ building visitors to know and find informations related to building plans so that they can maximize visits and increase satisfaction. In addition, this solution can also be implemented as media advertising, including: - Company Profile Display - Interactive Directory - Exhibition - Digital Information - Purchase Order System (POS) - Industrial Application

Service Features

User Friendly Interface

Display interface that is easy to use by users.


Easy to Customize

Contents and appearance can be easily customized.


Interactive catalog for showroom

Interactive content catalog, making visitors more interested in finding information.


Integrated customer display

You can integrate content with a real-time database so that visitors always see updated information.


Runs on Android

The application runs on the Android Operating System developed by many parties, making it easier for you to always get the latest technology.


Web-based Content Management System

Easily manage your contents through any web browser.


Multimedia format

Supports several content formats such as images, audiovisuals and URL link text.


Multi-level Directory

You list of information can be arranged in levels to ease navigation.


Wide LED Touchscreen Display

Using a 32 – 55-inch LED touchscreen.


Strong and Elegant Finishing

Using mild steel cover material, finishing paint and cutting sticker options if needed.


Compact Technology

Using Intel's Mini PC and mini fan cooler that supports custom settings.


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