Product Details

Lintasarta Digital Queuing System

Comprehensive queuing system solutions, including digital display devices and queuing system applications that are suitable for customer service.


Combination of digital signage facilities with queuing application system. Digital signage displays will display information on queue numbers, promotional videos and other information such as exchange rates, running text information and promotion according to your needs.

Service Features

Queue ticket printers equipped with cameras

Visitors who take the queue ticket will be photographed and displayed when the queue number arrives.


Centralized real-time system management

  • Head office can download and monitor reports per branch in real-time or periodically.
  • Head Office can broadcast informational contents in the form of advertising material & running text real-time to each branch through a web-based application.


Audio Controller

Easily adjust the sound of each digital device.


Display counters

Display relevant information on the counter.


LCD TV & Bracket

Display information easily using a 32 or 43-inch LCD TV with a prepared bracket.


Mini PC

Each device is supported by a reliable mini PC.


Touch Screen Ticketing

Machine (Kiosk or Digital Signage Touch Screen) Visitors can experience an easy queue with the help of this touch device.


Thermal printer

You will get a reliable thermal printer for your location needs


Service satisfaction survey (push button)

Can be equipped with survey features that can be done to improve the performance of your business location.


Report system

Get insights from report data that you can use to improve service quality, including: - Number of tickets printed - Number of tickets passed - Number of stops - Number of teller / CS service transactions - Duration of customer service - Customer waiting duration


The Package

Lite Signage-Queuing System
Basic queue system for simple branches. Not including LCD TV.
Premium Signage-Queuing System
An advanced queue system, including app-integrated LCD TV(s).

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