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Collaboration Solution

A platform that allows you to collaborate across multiple devices, saving you endpoint cost per month, accelerating device implementation and collaboration, improving employee innovation and productivity. With this solution, you will only invest in what you use (OpEx), no longer spending big on hardware (CapEx).

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Lintasarta Collaboration solution facilitates faster, more efficient and flexible business coordination with company branch offices in various locations in Indonesia. With the ability to integrate with third-party applications and features that enrich content collaboration, your company employees can virtually meet, discuss and collaborate effectively and efficiently. Lintasarta Collaboration Solutions business model is also very cost-effective because it lets you invest only in the devices you use with the lease system, including on the human resources management side.

Service Features

Consistent Experience

  • You will always get a consistent experience of UC technology and video telepresence with Cisco or other brands.


Top Technology Partner Support

  • Lintasarta collaborates with Cisco which is the brand leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant in collaboration solutions.


Low of Investment & Predictable Costs

  • The cost is OpEx-based so you don't have to invest heavily to implement collaboration solutions. You also don't need to invest in specific engineer resources to manage this technology, so you can focus on your core business.


Scalable as Needed

  • You don't need to buy large quantities at the beginning because the solution is very scalable, helping you invest only when needed and it will always be easy to increase investment along with the company's growth.


Services Excellence

Lintasarta Collaboration Solution is a beneficial solution for companies to establish long-distance communication with branch offices in remote places without having to spend more cost.

Thus, this solution offers several advantages such as:

  • Cost-effective, which can primarily reduce the cost of device investment, device risk, avoid over-subscription or over provision.
  • Accelerate implementation of collaborative devices and apps to all employees. Thus, this solution increases employee innovation and productivity.
  • Make IT as an operational cost (OpEx)
  • Cloud-based service to which you can adopt the latest applications and technologies including on-demand applications.

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