Product Details

Lintasarta IP VPN

Featuring a shared bandwidth mechanism, the Lintasarta IP VPN service helps companies to build secure and affordable communications networks with even their most remotely-located branches. Learn more about the Lintasarta IP VPN solution


When a company requires additional investment for developing stable, fast and secure communication network, it will deal with complex IT infrastructure and high capex (capital expenditure). Lintasarta IP VPN serves reliable and efficient data communication to facilitate coordination between the head and branch offices with location in remote area. Business coordination can take place indirectly with either the customers or mobile staffs. Our more than two decades of experience in providing a wide range of IT and Data Communication solutions, along with our reliable infrastructure network, have propelled Lintasarta to the forefront in the provision of IP VPN services. Lintasarta IP VPN service utilizes secure and fast IP-based private network with MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switch) Wide Area Network (WAN) connection that combines swapping and layer network routing. The Lintasarta IP VPN service provides an extremely high level of security as it uses a private network. As it employs a shared bandwidth mechanism, this service also offers hugely competitive network rates as a solution for a Private WAN communication network.

Service Features

Lintasarta IP VPN service can facilitate:

  • High data traffic application and multi connection from intranet and/or extranet to Internet, using client-server/telnet/terminal emulation which includes:
  • Delay Tolerant Application: transfer file, e-mail, web Intranet, and dedicated Internet service
  • Delay Sensitive Application: e-commerce, ERP, and CRM
  • Interactive and transactional application, such as stock trading, online banking, payment gateway and ordering.


Main Features:

  • Flexible in managing priority of data package delivery for sensitive and non-sensitive delay applications (to support the integration of voice and data services)
  • Supporting Mesh topology
  • Shared and secure MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switch) network
  • Class of Services (CoS) based on access media and data speed
  • Single access to any services, such as intranet, internet, and voice
  • Variety of speed options from 64 Kbps to 2 Mbps
  • Cost optimization as Lintasarta is responsible for providing router for the customers
  • Wide service coverage across Indonesia
  • Compatible with public or private address
  • Direct access at real time basis using NMS (Network Management System)
  • Fully managed service with Lintasarta responsible for managing all networks and router CPE



  • Connection speed: 64 Kbps - 2 Mbps
  • IP Based Protocol to end user
  • Interface LAN Ethernet 10 base T
  • M technology support


Services Excellence

  • SLA for IP VPN service is determined at 99 %.
  • Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) is 4 hours
  • Customer service within 24 hours and 7 days a week.