Product Details

Lintasarta Metro Ethernet

Based on IP/Ethernet, Lintasarta Metro Ethernet offers an excellent solution for companies that are keen on building communication with their customers in various different locations. Learn more about the Lintasarta Metro Ethernet solution.


The EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line) technology used in the Lintasarta Metro Ethernet service cuts investment expenses in equipment while ensuring effective communication between a company and its cherished customers. Our more than two decades of experience in offering a range of IT and data communications solutions, along with our reliable infrastructure, have put Lintasarta at the forefront in providing Lintasarta Metro Ethernet services. The Lintasarta Metro Ethernet service builds point to point and point to multipoint communications, enabling companies, such as telecommunications operators, content providers/media outlets, banks and educational institutions, to reach clients or students (in the case of educational institutions) spread out in various different locations through just one LAN service formed by a Virtual LAN (V-LAN) based on EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line) technology, without any physical configuration changes or additions to access equipment.

Service Features

Main Features :

  • Lintasarta Metro Ethernet Corporate Package
  • Bandwidth with speed between 1 Mbps – 1 Gbps
  • Point to Point (P2P) connection called E-Line (VVL/Virtual Leased Line) network
  • Point to Multipoint (P2MP) connection called E-Tree network
  • High durability with optic fiber transmission system and dedicated network
  • Secure since it runs on private network
  • Good response against high traffic


Specifications :

  • Throughput 99,9%
  • Average Delay Max 5 ms (FO)
  • 25 ms (Radio Link Counted from 1,000 packets with 128-byte packet-size; no other traffic (*)
  • Average Delay Max Intercity FO
  • Intercity Java : 15 ms
  • Java – Sumatera: 20 ms
  • Others: 30 ms
  • Packet Loss Max 0,1% Counted from 1,000 packets with 128-byte packet-size; no other traffic (*)*


Additional Features :

  1. QinQ
    This feature is typically used by operators and ISPs, allowing customers the chance to manage a number of VLAN by themselves without having to coordinate with Lintasarta for the ID of the VLAN being passed.
  2. Jumbo Frame
    Jumbo Frame feature supports bigger Frame and standard Frame sizes.


Services Excellence

It is always a challenge for a company to establish a high speed inter-branch communication, particularly when the branches are located in different geographical locations. Therefore, Lintasarta Metro Ethernet is designed to meet the needs with the following service excellences:
  • Supporting high speed connection
  • Establishing connection with more than two branches (points)
  • Running on layer 2
  • Customer service within 24 hours and 7 days a week
  • Technical support in more than 70 cities across Indonesia