Product Details

Lintasarta Leased Line

Lintasarta Ethernet Leased Line offers high-speed uninterrupted connectivity (point-to-point connection/P2P) for companies with an extensive branch network. Learn more about the Lintasarta Ethernet Leased Line solution.


Lintasarta Ethernet Leased Line ensures smooth connectivity from one location to another, helping your company cut its operating expenses, especially in terms of transportation cost. Effective communication within your company is sure to have a positive impact on its business continuity. Our more than two decades of experience in providing a wide range of IT and Data Communication solutions, along with our reliable infrastructure network, have propelled Lintasarta to the forefront in the provision of Ethernet Leased Line services. Lintasarta Ethernet Leased Line is perfect for companies that require dedicated and non-stop bandwidth usage. This service offers high-speed connectivity based on Ethernet over SDH (Subscriber Digital Hierarchy) Layer 1 or EoSDH / EPL – Ethernet Private Line technology.

Service Features

Main Features :

  • Lintasarta Ethernet Leased Line Layer-1
  • Bandwidth with speed between 2 Mbps – 1 Gbps


Specifications :

  • Throughput 99,9%
  • Average Delay Max 5 ms (FO) 25 ms (Radio Link) Counted from 1,000 packets with 128-byte packet-size; no other traffic (*)
  • Packet Loss Max 0,1% Counted from 1,000 packets with 128-byte packet-size; no other traffic (*)


Types of Services :

  • Lintasarta Digital Leased Line
    To build communication between two places in a same or different city, Lintasarta Digital Leased Line carries the following functions: Facilitate LAN-to-LAN connection with various applications, including multimedia, video conference and client-server/telnet/terminal emulation based applications with centralized database, which includes: File transfer Email Web Intranet Data entry Provision controlling Payment point Facilitate transactional and interactive applications consist of: Online inter-branch service Hotel or ticket reservation ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
  • Lintasarta Ethernet Leased Line
    Lintasarta Ethernet Leased Line is the best and most dedicated communication solution with high speed connection to facilitate communication between two places using interface Ethernet.


Services Excellence

  • Dedicated Bandwidth is available
  • Flexibility in determining the frame size
  • Flexibility in determining the protocol and setting to be used on the network
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) is up to 99%
  • Customer service within 24 hours 7 days a week