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Lintasarta Cloud Services

The more a company’s business develops, the more complex its IT infrastructure required eventually becomes. Lintasarta Cloud Services offers solutions for web/application hosting so that your data center can be securely, easily and affordably consolidated without having to build your own IT infrastructure. Learn more about the solutions offered by Lintasarta Cloud Services.


Lintasarta Cloud Services solutions help to simplify the complexity of IT Operations while ensuring that your company’s business runs smoothly. Lintasarta Cloud Services solutions also lead to greater efficiency, especially in terms of the use of capital expenditure for various unnecessary IT investments. More efficient business operations will automatically improve your company’s competitiveness. Our experience over 28 years in offering various IT and Data Communications solutions makes us excel in the provision of Cloud Services. Lintasarta Cloud Services addresses the needs of your company in terms of the provision of IT infrastructure and IT Application Services by harnessing virtualization technology. With the on-demand and pay as your grow mechanisms, Lintasarta Cloud Services offers a high degree of flexibility, thereby enabling your company to select the services appropriate to the needs and scale of your business while also offering the ability to add to server capacity whenever required, in line with the growth of your company’s business.

Service Features

As the business grows, it increases the complexity of the IT infrastructure of the company. Vast business growth is responded by the company with IT innovation to facilitate a safe and flexible data management.

Lintasarta Cloud Services consists of Lintasarta Public Cloud, Lintasarta Private Cloud, ands Lintasarta Cloud Backup dan Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR).

Lintasarta Public Cloud

  • Lintasarta Public Cloud is a multi-tenant IT infrastructure provision service with a virtual server device that is accessible through both the internet network as well as private networks.


Lintasarta Private Cloud

  • Lintasarta Private Cloud, meanwhile, is an IT infrastructure provision service using a dedicated IT device for a single client which is accessible through both the internet network as well as private networks.


Lintasarta Cloud Backup

  • Lintasarta Cloud Backup is an IT and software infrastructure provision service that protects a client’s business by helping their applications to be quickly restored to a normal condition by means of a quick recovery of the virtual server after a system failure or loss of files in the Lintasarta Public Cloud system.


Lintasarta Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR)

  • Lintasarta Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) is an IT and software infrastructure provision service that forms part of a client DRP (Disaster Recover Plan) which manages the most recent copy of a virtual server in the Client Data Center or Lintasarta Cloud Data Center and stores it in a different Lintasarta Cloud Data Center so as to be quickly restored to a normal condition by recovering the virtual system after a system failure or disaster in the Production Data Center.


Services Excellence

The use of Lintasarta Cloud Services offers various benefits in terms of economic scale, cost management and flexibility relating to access to universal human resources and IT automation with new technology.

The benefits of Lintasarta Cloud Services are reflected on our motto, SAFE, they are:

SSecureProviding guarantee for all users of Lintasarta Cloud Services in terms of: Secure Platform for using SMT (Secure Multi Tenancy) reference architecture from Cisco, VMWare & NetApp, Secure Data Privacy which is certified with ISO 27001 and Regular Audit by SGS, BI, as well as internal team. Lintasarta Cloud Services directly connects to the backbone of Lintasarta’s own network, thus more networks available for use by cloud user’s network.
AAffordableProviding reliable and affordable service through a series of package options: Best Value for Money, Packaged Solution and Pay as You Grow mechanism.
FFlexibleFulfilling the need for business scalability with on-demand mechanism.
EExcellenceCustomer satisfaction guaranteed through premium service and 24-hours, 7-days-a –week service support by profesional, experienced and internationally certified engineers.

In addition,  Lintasarta Cloud Services solutions are not only reliable because they are connected directly to the Lintasarta network backbone itself but are also affordable through the Best Value for Money and Packaged Solution package selections as well as the Pay as You Grow mechanism.

With an on-demand mechanism, we meet the needs of our clients in line with the scalability of their business with a guarantee of satisfaction through service excellence, and the provision of support (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) by a professional technicians who are experienced in their field and internationally certified. Our service points are located in more than 40 cities in Indonesia and supported by 1,000 personnel spread across 37 of the country's provinces.

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