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Lintasarta IoT SPARING

SPARING is an IoT solution used for measuring and monitoring the quality of a company’s wastewater.


What is Lintasarta IoT SPARING?
Why Choose Lintasarta IoT SPARING

SPARING is an IoT solution formeasuring and monitoring the quality of a company's wastewater.
Lintasarta supports companies that are included in the 12 industry category regulated in the ministerial regulation of the ministry of environment and forestry (PermenLHK) No. 80 of 2019, so that they can easily install SPARING and fulfill their obligations.
  • Assist in complying with government regulations, such as PermenLHK No. 93 of 2018 and PermenLHK No. 80 of 2019.
  • Reduce the manual measurement frequency (grab sampling).
  • Reduce the cost of lab testing and reagent because wastewater quality measurements are carried out online through a sensor measurement.
  • Customers can use SPARING technology with just a monthly subscription cost, eliminating the requirement for a large upfront investmentThrough this business scheme, customers can switch from a Capex to an Opex model and enjoy all the benefits of Lintasarta IoT SPARINGwithout having to worry about all the equipment’s operational activities.

Service Features

High-tech Sensors

  • The sensors use thelatest technology and adheres to the technical specifications outlined in the regulationsin order to generateaccurate data.


Flexible Installation

  • The installation process can be adjusted based on thefield conditions. Installation can be done through a direct immersion method or through a bypass probe holder for sampling in a pipeline.



  • The system uses theGSM technology. Lintasarta can also provides other radio technologies such as Radio Trunking and satellite-based technology such as VSAT for installation in remote areas (e.g. oil and gas exploration, mining, etc.).


Real-time Dashboard

  • Access the monitoring dashboard anytime and anywhere, allowing users to see an overview of the wastewater quality measurementsover a configurable time period.



  • Provide a visual map equipped with user-friendly pins and shows the status of the sensors.


Alarm & Warning

  • Allow to generate an alarm if the wastewater quality changes and exceeds the quality standard value (threshold).Customers can receive alarms via email, SMS, or other text messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram.



  • Automatically generates pollution load calculation reports.


Services Excellence

What makes Lintasarta IoT SPARING different?

  • Managed Service Business Model

    By implementing a managed-service business scheme, Lintasarta guarantees the continuation of all SPARING service operations, including repair and replacement of units when downtime occurs. Lintasarta assures the Service-Level Agreement (SLA) of SPARING services, supported with service points in more than 50 cities across Indonesia

  • Combined with Lintasarta IoT Platform

    Lintasarta IoT SPARING is also equipped with the Lintasarta IoT Platform service, which is a web-based platform that can be used for device management, data collection, data storage, data processing, and also data visualization.

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