Prioritizing Digital Innovation in Customer Service, Lintasarta Wins Best of The Best in Indonesia Customer Experience Champion 2022

9 Aug 2022

Jakarta, 9 August 2022 – Lintasarta, a leading Total Solutions Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company in Indonesia, continues to innovate to provide the best experiences and services for customers. At the Indonesia Customer Experience Champion 2022 held by SWA Magazine with Business Digest, Lintasarta managed to win the Best of The Best award by bringing various digital innovations in customer service.


“Our achievement comes from the teamwork of the whole company in tailoring the needs of our customers, which continue to change rapidly, especially since the pandemic. We are grateful that our efforts are not only appreciated in the form of awards but are also reflected in a revenue increase of 17%,” said Ginandjar, Lintasarta Marketing & Solution Director, in his presentation at the Awarding Indonesia Customer Experience Champions 2022 event as well as a webinar entitled “Winning Customer’s Heart in the Fast-Changing Era.”


Ginandjar conveyed that Lintasarta had made a series of efforts that combined customer satisfaction and digital innovation. “To satisfy the ever-changing needs of our customers, we develop certain services, one of which is by making high availability networks, as well as carrying out proactive services with robotic processes that make our services faster and more accurate in responding to customer needs. This innovation is also well received by our customers, as indicated by an increase in the Customer Satisfaction Index by 2.29%, the Loyalty Customer Index by 0.47%, and in time-repair to 50% faster,” he said.


Improving the quality of customer service also starts with the development of human resources at the internal level. “We believe that the interaction between our customers and us is a valuable element that determines our customer satisfaction. For this reason, we apply the concept of Customer Experience Maturity which focuses on internal development towards a customer-centric mindset at all levels of the company,” he explained.


In line with the company’s focus in 2022 to build a customer-centric culture, Lintasarta makes various improvements at every stage of the customer journey, starting with the introduction of the company’s products regularly, both to existing customers and new customers. Improvements are also made not only in the product offering process, but also in the problem-solving process for obstacles that occur in the customer’s company, accelerated delivery, and improved after-sales service.


“Customer-focus is our main priority in providing services to customers consisting of various industrial and government segments. So hopefully, Lintasarta can continue to improve and innovate both in terms of products, services, to Human Resources (HR),” Ginandjar said.


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