Lintasarta’s 32nd Anniversary: the application of technology in various industries will continue to be realized

4 Apr 2020

For 32 years, Lintasarta has been present and has provided the best service for various parties, including the government, companies and other stakeholders in developing and advancing business through cutting edge technology. The current pandemic does not reduce Lintasarta’s enthusiasm to continue supporting various parties in maintaining and developing business.

By supporting government direction, Lintasarta contributes to helping people work from home (WFH) through technology-based solutions. In line with this spirit, at Lintasarta’s birthday this year Lintasarta still shows its commitment in helping Indonesia continue to grow, even throughout to remote areas of the country.


Lintasarta services are recognized internationally and nationally

2019 became a meaningful year for Lintasarta. The achievement of Lintasarta in that year, certainly is the keys to success for making the company survive and be recognized in the national and international. Thanks to Lintasarta’s technology-based services that are able to help many parties, a number of awards were received by Lintasarta throughout 2019 to 2020.

Among the awards are at the same time strengthen Lintasarta’s position as the Creation of Indonesian People. Various awards received in 2019 were as Best IT, Data Tech & AI Governance by DATA GOV Ai, Cloud Infrastructure Service Provider of the Year by Frost & Sullivan, First Cloud Provider in Indonesia Who Received PCI DSS certification from TÜV Rheinland, and Top Digital Data Center, Cloud, Data Communication by Itech.

Achievements and recognition from the international and national have made Lintasarta remain committed to helping the development of the digital industry in Indonesia to be able to compete with developed countries.


Free storage upgrade fees for customers

Lintasarta innovations are always carried out by updating services. In March 2020, Lintasarta enhanced its Cloud service at Data Center located in Technopark, South Tangerang, with an SSD flash storage upgrade. This is an advanced program from the previous year, to continue providing excellent service for Lintasarta Cloud Services customers. Existing customers who already use this service will get an SSD flash storage upgrade at no charge.

Lintasarta Data Center Services already has Tier-3 Facility certification from Uptime Institute. This certificate shows that Lintasarta Data Center are competent, has a large and reliable capacity, high availability supported by different dual power sources, wide area networks, and quality human resources.


Support digital talents through Lintasarta scholarships

Lintasarta is also committed to supporting the development of digital talent in Indonesia. This Lintasarta scholarship has been held since February 2020 through the Lintasarta Digischool program. This scholarship program aims to produce young Indonesian programmers / developers in various regions who are ready to compete in the current era of the digital economy. Welcoming Lintasarta’s 32nd birthday, Lintasarta provides 3,200 scholarships for active students or vocational graduates.

Participants are not required to be proficient in programming language. As long as they meet the requirements, participants can learn them online in all beginner level classes before taking the advanced level. The full requirements can be seen in Lintasarta Digischool.


Increasing innovation, without stopping

Existing up to 32 years certainly did not make Lintasarta’s innovation halted and complacent. Marking Lintasarta’s 32nd birthday, a number of innovations have been designed in such a way. In 2020, Lintasarta presents new services namely Lintasarta Mobile Workforce VPN and Lintasarta Managed Security Operation Center (SOC).


Lintasarta Mobile Workforce VPN


Not many are aware, working from home (WFH) can have a negative impact on the security of internal or corporate network systems. This happens because most employees access the company’s network from home without using a secure system, making it very vulnerable to cyber attacks. Lintasarta Workforce VPN is a security system that ensures connections between corporate networks remain secure and can be accessed anywhere.

Not only that, high-quality bandwidth stability on corporate networks also needs attention. Like Lintasarta Internet Dedicated, VPN has a ratio of 1:1 so that the Internet can be used completely without sharing with other users, low latency and jitter ensure all business activities continue to run smoothly and optimally wherever and whenever. In order to celebrate its 32nd anniversary and support the government’s call, Lintasarta has provided special offers for existing and prospective customers to help businesses during the WFH period.


Lintasarta Managed Security Operation Center (SOC)


Lintasarta Managed Security Operation Center is here to strengthen IT security services. This Lintasarta service mobilizes security analysts who actively monitor and provide warnings when threats are detected. Customers will get notifications via WhatsApp, phone and Email. In addition, customers can access this service through a special dashboard that can be accessed through a web browser.


Lintasarta technology across regions in Indonesia

In supporting government programs for startup development, Lintasarta established the “Appcelerate” program, which is an incubation and startup acceleration program in collaboration with several well-known universities such as ITB, UGM and ITS. The focus of the Appcelerate program is to grow startups in B2B market segmentation, so that it is slightly different from startups that generally focus on B2C, Lintasarta will provide GTM (Go to Market) support for startups incorporated into Appcelerate. Some of the products that have been successfully developed in 2019 are Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) and Tourism SKOTA or platforms that can promote the tourism industry in a region.

Lintasarta will also continue to provide support to local governments such as in implementing Smart City in Mimika, Papua, which was conducted earlier this year. Of course, this cooperation is not limited to one area. However, implementation of Smart City in region is a form of Lintasarta’s commitment in encouraging the growth of digitalization in various regions in Indonesia.

Lintasarta’s work in Indonesia for 32 years is proof that technology has an important role in the development of various sectors. Armed with this experience, Lintasarta will continue to realize its commitment and contribute to the development of the industry in Indonesia through a series of the latest technology.