Improving Services, Lintasarta Builds The Power House HUB VSAT and Expand Network Operation Control in Jatiluhur

20200723 | Irma Yani

Lintasarta continues to improve its infrastructure facilities to provide excellent customer service. One of the initiatives is by officially inaugurating the construction of Power House HUB VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) and expanding the Network Operation Control in Jatiluhur.


“This initiative is necessary as a step to improving the performances to Lintasarta customers,” said Ginandjar, Lintasarta IT Services Director, in the Media Briefing event, Thursday, 23 July 2020.


Ginandjar added, HUB is the initial system of the VSAT network and is the core of the satellite communication system. To provide excellent customer service, he continued, it will require a high standard HUB system and we could get the process done by enhancing Power and HUB VSAT system.


“We acknowledged the fact that the performance of VSAT usage is increasing significantly which has been indicated by the fall of fault rate and increased SLA (Service Level Agreement). This also has been confirmed by our customers who experience the improvement in network stability,” said Ginandjar.


He explained, the Power system supports the whole HUB system and Lintasarta Ground Segment in Jatiluhur that is currently serving more than 1500 customer networks across Indonesia with 17 HUB systems and 14 antennas that lead to 10 different satellites. He also believed that the system is adopting the concept and is equal to Tier III Data Center requirements from Uptime Institute, which solely means every disruption or maintenance in one of the systems will not cause any nuisances to the customer network.


Attending the same event, Zulfi Hadi, Lintasarta Datacom Director, hoped by upgrading and rejuvenating the HUB power supply system would provide and yield to a comprehensive 99,99% HUB reliability to keep customers running their business optimally. “For the next action, we will upgrade the HUB system in Banyu Urip which is the geo-redundancy from Jatiluhur HUB. With the comprehensive design of geo-redundancy, this will provide a high SLA to Lintasarta customers and support their business,” said Zulfi.


Additionally, Ginandjar stated that the newly announced NOC in Jatiluhur has a greater capacity to conduct monitoring processes to customer networks in 24×7, and the HUB system will multiple the number of the system that will be monitored. “This enhancement and rejuvenation on our Jatiluhur NOC system will allow us to serve new install/pair and quickly respond to any complaints,” he concluded.