SQURA, a Cyber Security Service from Lintasarta, Receives the Best Cybersecurity Provider Award in 2022 from Frost & Sullivan

2 Jan 2023 | Siti Aidah Fitri

Jakarta, 23 December 2022 – Lintasarta, an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) total solutions company, received an award from Frost & Sullivan with the 2022 Indonesia Cybersecurity Services Company of the Year Award nomination for one of Lintasarta’s brands, namely SQURA CYBERSEC. This prestigious event which has been held virtually eleven times in Asia Pacific has hosted award recipients and presenters from around the world.

Lintasarta Managed Security Solutions, which changed its name to SQURA CYBERSEC, has met the criteria to receive the award. “Some of the assessment criteria include comprehensive cybersecurity service offerings, operational excellence, cutting-edge technologies, and flexible pricing strategies. SQURA recorded a remarkable increase with 184.9% year-on-year growth in 2021,” said Prerna Mohan, Frost & Sullivan Vice President, at the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards Ceremony – 11th Edition (7/12).

Award recipients were identified using Frost & Sullivan’s measurement-based methodology derived from primary and secondary research, interviews, analysis, and industry benchmarking. The various award categories are carefully reviewed and evaluated to reflect the current market landscape and highlight emerging trends in Asia.

Further detailed studies were conducted on each of the nominated companies, focusing on real-time performance indicators such as market share, revenue growth, customer acquisition, product/service value, and technology innovation. The emerging companies represent outstanding leaders driving positive trends in Asia Pacific economies.

“This award will certainly be a stimulus for SQURA to provide the best service in terms of cybersecurity solutions in Indonesia with reliable technology and expertise. Not only that, SQURA will ensure security from all sides, from employees to customers’ devices so that they are always safe,” said Ginandjar, Lintasarta’s Marketing & Solution Director.

SQURA, continued Ginandjar, has the goal of increasing cybersecurity awareness among employees, minimizing the complexity of cybersecurity typologies through managed services, and ultimately providing peace of mind to business people and related IT teams. SQURA is ready to collaborate with companies in Indonesia to meet the needs of advanced security systems.