Full-stack Developer is On Demand, CSR Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool Presents a Free Global Certified Developer Curriculum

5 Oct 2022 | Siti Aidah Fitri

Semarang, 22 September 2022 – Lintasarta conducted Lintasarta Developer Talk #2 on Thursday, 22 September 2022 in Semarang. Lintasarta Developer Talk is a developer gathering activity to promote CSR Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool, as well as a forum for sharing knowledge related to programming with experts. This program collaborates with Dicoding as a platform for the developer ecosystem in Indonesia and presents a free, globally certified curriculum from Google. This curriculum is aimed at people who have aspirations of becoming full-stack developers and collaborating with Lintasarta Cloudeka, Lintasarta’s cloud services solutions from and for Indonesia, to meet the industry’s high demand for workers in the digital sector today.

Minister of Communication and Informatics Johnny G. Plate said that to catch up with the current digital economy transformation era, at least Indonesia needs 600 thousand digital talents every year. Meanwhile, according to a report from Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower in 2021, the number of workers in the national IT sector is only around one million people and is projected to continue to increase until 2025. The Ministry of Manpower has also projected workers in the digital sector who are in great demand today for several years. going forward are workers in the fields of network operation access, network operation backbone, and software engineers, including full-stack developers.

“As a company in the IT sector, we also observe that there is an ever-increasing need for qualified digital talent, but not many have the skills that the industry requires. In fact, these digital talents will be the main drivers of digital economic transformation for Indonesia’s post-pandemic economic recovery. For this reason, we are focusing on this year’s CSR Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool to produce a generation that has qualified digital literacy in accordance with the issue of digital transformation which is one of the priority issues of the G20. At the same time, to develop talent who has an interest as a full-stack developer. By mastering comprehensive skills from front-end to back-end, this profession is in high demand among the industry. Not only by start-ups, but also corporations, BUMN, to government institutions,” said Lintasarta’s General Manager Corporate Secretary, Ade Kurniawan.

CSR Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool itself has been running since 2020 and has succeeded in capturing more than 20,000 applicants from the general public. Globally certified, this program contains a series of free modules that combine theory and practice with experts. This year, the modules offered focus on the curriculum to become a full-stack developer with front-end and back- end capabilities. The curriculum, which is targeted to be completed in half a year, is expected to provide more value for participants who want to work in the technology, informatics and digital sectors.

Ade also said that this year, the full-stack developer curriculum has been adapted to the needs of today’s industry at the global level. “We are carefully devising this year’s curriculum in order to present the most up-to-date knowledge and skills that match what is needed by the industry. Here, we provide classes ranging from JavaScript programming, web programming, to creating web front-end and back- end applications that can be learned by beginners to those at the advanced level. The hope is that these graduates can be quickly absorbed into the workforce, or have additional income from their skills as full-stack developers,” he said.

Since its launch on September 9 2022 in Surabaya, the total number of participants who have registered for CSR Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool has reached more than 10,000 participants. As one of the largest cities in Indonesia, Semarang has great potential as a region that contributes to digital talent in Indonesia. Lintasarta Developer Talk #2 in Semarang, which thoroughly discussed the full-stack developer profession and its current career potential, is expected to boost the number of applicants even more, especially participants from Semarang and its surroundings.