President Director of Lintasarta, Arya Damar Becomes Keynote Speaker at APSCC Satellite Conference & Exhibition 2022

3 Nov 2022 | Siti Aidah Fitri

Seoul, Korea (18/10), President Director of Lintasarta, Arya Damar was the keynote speaker at the 2022 APSCC Satellite Conference & Exhibition, the largest satellite conference in Asia Pacific. The conference was attended by professional satellite industry players from various countries to discuss producing market insights, striking partnerships, and business deals.

Raising the main topic “Challenges of Connecting 150,000 Sites”, President Director of Lintasarta, Arya Damar together with Vagan Shakhgildian (President, Comtech Satellite Network Technologies), John Loke (Chief Technical Officer, Kacific Broadband Satellites) and Alvaro Sanchez (CEO Integrasys), reviewed the various challenges faced by satellite service providers as well as discussing the best strategies to deal with the current digital divide.

“Indonesia has more than 13,000 islands. We are ready to support all company operations through satellite communications. Lintasarta, as a government partner, is here to open access the remote areas for equitable communication and connectivity for the citizen of Indonesia,” said President Director of Lintasarta, Arya Damar at The APSCC Satellite Conference & Exhibition Talkshow.

APSCC is an international association representing all sectors of the satellite and/or space-related industry. With the overall objective of promoting communications and broadcasting via satellite and space activities in Asia-Pacific for the socio-economic and cultural well-being of the region.

Through the APSCC Satellite Conference & Exhibition 2022, this is a great opportunity for Lintasarta as a local company in Indonesia that facilitates ICT total solutions to go international and be known more widely by various countries.