First in Indonesia, Lintasarta Cloudeka Launches Cloud Sovereign to Respond Personal Data Protection Law

16 Jan 2023 | Siti Aidah Fitri

Jakarta, 12 January 2023 – Lintasarta, an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) total solutions company, launched the newest product Deka Sovereign Cloud in one of Lintasarta’s sub-brands, namely Lintasarta Cloudeka which has received the first Cloud Sovereign certification in Indonesia from VMWare. The launch as well as outreach to several companies was filled by Hendri Sasmita Yuda, Head of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics Personal Data Protection Governance Team, Ginandjar, Marketing and Solution Director Lintasarta, and Reski Rukmantio, Senior Manager Cloudeka Lintasarta.

This launch was carried out in response to the emergence of government policies regarding Personal Data Protection (PDP) as stipulated in the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 27 of 2022 in order to strengthen the data storage system in Indonesia. UU no. 27 of 2022 is a development of other regulations such as Government Regulation (PP) Number 71 of 2019 concerning Implementation of Electronic Systems and Transactions. Still regarding data regulations in Indonesia, several institutions such as OJK, SKK Migas, and the Ministry of Health also have regulations regarding data storage in Indonesian territory.

“Apart from responding to government policies through the Law, Lintasarta Cloudeka as a Cloud Computing service provider always tries to provide the best service for customers and this time we launched Deka Sovereign Cloud which is intended for companies that need more protection regarding data stored in Private Cloud. ,” said Ginandjar, Commerce Director Lintasarta.

Lintasarta Cloudeka, continued Ginandjar, received the first Cloud Sovereign certification in Indonesia from VMware. Some of the characteristics possessed by Lintasarta Cloudeka’s Cloud Sovereign certification: operated by a company that is under Indonesian sovereignty; only the Indonesian government has jurisdictional control over the data; foreign authorities cannot take over the data; all data is controlled within the sovereign authority of Indonesia; and operations & management are carried out by Indonesian nationals.

Lintasarta Cloudeka’s Deka Sovereign Cloud is a cloud service based on virtualization technology that uses a framework to strengthen the cloud architecture so that it can comply with Indonesian regulatory standards and business regulations. This service also helps users to have control over the location of data that is strengthened by stricter security protocols.

“Deka Sovereign Cloud can be used with the concept of Public or Private Cloud, users have full control to manage flows based on data sensitivity and set VM & machine specifications as needed, and has a high availability architecture with a service level agreement (SLA) of up to 99% .95% for each Data Center,” continued Ginandjar.

Not only that, Deka Sovereign Cloud can be periodically adjusted to the Cloud infrastructure to ensure that it remains compliant and complies with all local laws and regulations, including personal data protection, and maintains resilience from changes in regulations for companies that are not based in Indonesia.

“For this initial stage, Lintasarta Cloudeka will target and assist several government, services, resources, supply chain, telecommunications and financial industries,” concluded Ginandjar.