Strengthen SD-WAN services, Lintasarta works together with VMware

15 May 2020 | Tunggul Pramandyo Dipo

With our commitment to deliver excellence and agile technology solutions, Lintasarta – a B2B Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company – signs strategic partnership with VMware to provide Managed SD-WAN solution. The ongoing partnership has been progressing since October 2019 and will bring International recognition for the IT industry of Indonesia.

In this integration partnership, VMware will provide VeloCloud SD-WAN, a subsidiary of VMware which happens to be a leading SD-WAN provider in the world. VMware is an international firm leader offering Cloud computing and virtualization and has been serving prestigious big companies since 1998.


Lintasarta Managed SD-WAN


To assist firms in simplifying their WAN connection configurations, Lintasarta offers Lintasarta Managed SD-WAN that can be useful until the most remote branch offices. In comparison to Traditional WAN, SD-WAN will optimize performance and productivity at an efficient cost. Lintasarta Managed SD-WAN is designed to fully support applications that the hosting process resides in Data Center, Public or Private Cloud, and Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

In addition to that, this service can utilize various kinds of WAN technologies, such as Active-Active WAN to maximize bandwidth usage and repel the failover time. This service will also provide visibility to the application layer where possible, to set priorities and make traffic arrangements for each application. Further, with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) technology the implementation will be held fast and quick, especially for business with hundreds or thousands branch offices.


Lintasarta Managed SD-WAN for business solution amidst COVID-19 pandemic


Second the outbreak strikes Indonesia, many business analysts forecasted how this would give a negative impact on business across industries. The predictions have become very real and it started when businesses started to implement the working from home system and revising the business roadmap by changing the revenue target for this year. If the revenue changes, this will solely need a course of action to make all the spending cost-efficient, including WAN rental costs.

Lintasarta Managed SD-WAN service is one of the solutions to help companies reduce costs on IT infrastructure. By its ability to utilize various kinds of WAN technologies, this can be an alternative to replace one of WAN connections with more efficient WAN technology without downgrading the performance quality.

To this day, many businesses are using 2 Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections from different providers as a main and backup connection. It is common knowledge that the cost of a VPN is more expensive than the regular Internet connection. By allocating one of those VPN connections budgets to an Internet connection and add Lintasarta Managed SD-WAN, it can certainly provide efficient WAN rental cost. One example that has been proven by Lintasarta customers is that they have successfully reduced costs by up to 30% from the previous WAN rental fee.


It is also worth noting that leveraging connection performance quality can be done by using the Active-Active feature on Lintasarta Managed SD-WAN to improve failover mechanism. Formerly, a router with a failover routing-protocol could fix the problem within up to 3 minutes, but Lintasarta Managed SD-WAN can trim the time in less than 1 second so the performance increases significantly. 

The ability to optimizing application and intelligent path control can offer a different experience for users with faster applications. Dynamic Multipath Optimization (DMPO) technology will ensure the SD-WAN solution to monitor the WAN health check continuously and automatically conduct traffic engineering once the WAN quality decreases.


Lintasarta Managed SD-WAN solution can be implemented for all industries from logisticsmedia or marketing, to banking. This solution has proven its ability by installing more than 4.000 SD-WAN connections and with 45.000 Lintasarta connections across Indonesia.


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