Lintasarta Wins International Award for The Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2020

24 Sep 2020 | Irma Y. Nasution

JAKARTA, 24 September 2020 — Lintasarta, an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) total solutions company, has received an international award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at The Asia Responsible Awards (AREA) 2020. In this prestigious award event, which was also attended by companies from various countries in Asia, Lintasarta has won the award for the Investment in People category through the Lintasarta Appcelerate program, on September 23, 2020, which was held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


“Lintasarta Appcelerate is a form of social investment implemented by Lintasarta since 2016. Through this program, we embrace young people through the startups they have founded by making business plans in the form of product innovation or digital applications,” said Lintasarta President Director Arya Damar.


Arya added, the Appcelerate is collaborating with several universities in Indonesia. Lintasarta provides full support to the startups starting from infrastructure to mentoring so that later they can participate in contributing to the development of the digital ecosystem with the innovations provided and jointly develop Indonesia in a better direction.


“We hope that with this international award, Lintasarta can develop wider social investment activities and, of course, it is hoped that it can continue to bring good benefits to many parties as well as for the advancement of the digital industry, especially in Indonesia,” said Arya.


The AREA 2020 gives recognition and appreciation to the companies in more than 19 countries in Asia that have successfully implemented responsible and sustainable business practices, including in the categories of Green Leadership, Investment in People, Health Promotion, Social Empowerment, Corporate Governance, Circular Economy Leadership, and Responsible Business Leadership. Since 2011, this award has been attended by more than 2,596 participants and resulted in more than 400 winners.


Lintasarta, through Appcelerate, has been rewarded with an award for the Investment in the People category. The award acknowledges companies or programs that value human resources, in this case, especially employees, business partners, customers, vendors, communities, and surrounding communities.


Appcelerate is one of Lintasarta’s social investment programs under the Innovation Pillar, which aims to find innovations in telecommunications and digital services through empowering startups in Indonesia. The award recognizes and support government programs in increasing the number of digital talents to guard Indonesia as the country with the largest digital economy in Asia.


Through this award, it shows that Lintasarta has conducted business responsibly and carried out sustainable community empowerment. Also, this will be a trigger for Lintasarta to continue to be committed to running and developing the Appcelerate program and other social investment programs to realize a better Indonesia and world.