Lintasarta Wins the First PCI DSS Cloud Security Certification in Indonesia

3 Jul 2019 | Ryo Naldho

JAKARTA – Lintasarta once again demonstrated its excellence by becoming the first Cloud Provider in Indonesia to successfully obtain the prestigious PCI DSS Cloud Security certification submitted by TUV Rheinland. The submission of the certification was received by Lintasarta IT Services Director, Arya N. Soemali, in Jakarta (27/6/2019).

PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a cardholder data security standard that meets the minimum requirements for use in the financial sector, especially business transactions such as credit cards, debit cards, etc. PCI DSS is pioneered and founded by 5 international payment networks namely American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, and Visa.

Arya N. Soemali revealed, “With this certification achievement, it proves that we have more capacity to achieve something extraordinary, and we can prove it to the market that Lintasarta is ready to serve the development of the financial sector business”.

“This certification is a manifestation of Lintasarta’s commitment in continuously improving services to customers, especially in the financial sector, because the services provided have won the trust of customers, so that now they follow international standards that are guaranteed a level of security and operational standards,” he continued.

One of the advantages of PCI DSS is that it can help minimize vulnerability and protect cardholder data. To get PCI DSS Cloud Security certification, an external audit related to documents, technical and non-technical design standards is required end-to-end. As an illustration, for PCI-DSS Cloud, the level of physical cloud location (data center), network (network), device (server), and the system inside must meet the minimum standards determined by international standardization institutions.

In this case, Lintasarta is a cloud service provider, with a relatively fast certification process, in less than 1 year, starting in October 2018 and completed in June 2019, making Lintasarta a cloud service provider with multi-site PCI DSS Cloud Security certified. In terms of security and systems, PCI DSS certificates are a reference for SLA guarantees and the security of customer data stored in the cloud server.

Cloud services from Lintasarta are a one stop solution for industries with end-to-end solutions ranging from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS), all of which are supported by connectivity services reliable. All of this allows Lintasarta Cloud to be accessed from various data communication channels, such as the internet, VSAT, and others.

Arya added, “With this certification prove Lintasarta as a major player in the field of ICT that is able to provide reliable service and excellent quality for industry players.