Lintasarta Presents the Results of CSR DIGITALINTASARTA Program in East Nusa Tenggara at the Habibie Tech Fest 2022

29 Dec 2022 | Siti Aidah Fitri

Jakarta, December 21, 2022 – Lintasarta, a total solutions Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company, has succeeded in presenting a learning curriculum for hundreds of students and teachers at vocational high schools in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) through CSR DIGITALINTASARTA program which will be completed at the end of 2022. Delivered at the Habibie Tech Fest 2022 event at The Habibie & Ainun Library Jakarta (21/12). This program was launched as an effort to accelerate digital transformation, as well as absorb labor in related areas.

Corporate Communications Senior Manager Lintasarta Lisa Andriana explained that the company had a specific background and reason behind choosing NTT as the first region to receive the program. “We chose NTT as the first area to receive CSR DIGITALINTASARTA after seeing the great potential of future technological talents from Eastern Indonesia. This is what motivates us to provide digital skills improvement programs there. So we hope that these talents will have digital skills that can compete in the business world,” he explained.

CSR DIGITALINTASARTA program was successfully attended by more than 300 vocational high school students and teachers as part of Lintasarta’s digitalization mission for the country. Officially certified from Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corporation, this program contains training for students and upper-level teachers in vocational schools and aims to develop specific skills.

The four modules given are Network Engineer, Network Infra Engineer, Artificial Intelligence for Youth, and Teaching in Industry 4.0. It is hoped that the skills imparted in these four modules will provide greater opportunities for program participants to get a job and build a career, especially in the field of technology and informatics.

Together with Orbit Future Academy as a strategic partner in carrying out CSR DIGITALINTASARTA program, Lintasarta will hold a graduation ceremony for all program graduates in January 2023. This graduation ceremony is planned as an event to appreciate program achievements and participants who have completed the curriculum, as well as an invitation to collaborate with stakeholders in various sectors to jointly advance digital skills in Eastern Indonesia.

“We can increase the digital skills of many more local children in NTT more quickly if there is intensive collaboration between the community, government and the private sector. For this reason, we hope that this program can help bring out the best potential of NTT in the digital field, as well as opening the door for collaboration with various related sectors,” concluded Lisa.