Lintasarta introduces multifarious ICT solutions to face the New Normal

16 Jun 2020 | Tunggul Pramandyo Dipo

Jakarta, 16 June 2020 – Lintasarta, a prestigious ICT total solutions company in Indonesia, introduces various beneficial ICT solutions for many industries to encounter the New Normal era. These comprehensive solutions will be presented through 10 webinar series carried out from 19 June to August 2020.


These industries are digital companies (marketplace), banking, finance non-bank, supply chain, resources, hospitality, healthcare, education, transportation, and government. All participants could obtain complete information regarding the webinar series on Lintasarta official social media accounts.


“Lintasarta has prepared sophisticated ICT solutions and ready to be used by business players to run their business amidst the New Normal. Several other products from the Group will be collaborated as whole-package solutions to face the challenge in each industry,” said Arya Damar, Lintasarta President Director.


Arya added, through these webinars that will be conducted based on different industries, it is hoped to answer the challenges faced by these industries. Aside from offering solutions in a form of product or service, but Lintasarta will also provide tips and tricks for companies’ to react to the current changes, either caused by Covid-19 or the newly emerged potential business opportunity in the New Normal era.


The first webinar will be held on 19 June 2020, where the topic will be focusing on how companies could implement work from home systems until the end of September. This will include the infrastructure preparation, employees’ device security, to the online attendance system, so the business can be run smoothly and secure although employees are working remotely.


Along with that, telemedicine will grow promisingly for startups who want to expand their business line or event organizers who are trying to develop new systems with online sports classes or concert. “We have everything arranged to support businesses run optimally,” said Arya.


“Revive with Lintasarta” is an online campaign initiative planned for publication and to provide general knowledge for business players  to face the New Normal and transformation era.


Several series of activities to bolster business has been prepared and Lintasarta will administer support to customers in facing unprecedented times. Not only through various publications and products or services, Lintasarta will also offer interesting solutions that are packaged in a series of webinars and will be held every week.


Lintasarta ICT solutions that will be introduced to deal with the New Normal include the Lintasarta Mobile Workforce VPN, Thermal Monitoring and Mask Detection, Internet Dedicated, and Digital Queuing System. “Surely there are still some other products and services that we have prepared and are specified for each industry,” said Arya.


Lintasarta will continue to innovate and be fully committed to helping the development of the IT industry in Indonesia. Especially in these difficult times due to the pandemic and the transition to the New Normal, Lintasarta is ready to assist every industry and support the government in recovering the economy in Indonesia.