Lintasarta Visits Suara Merdeka in Semarang, as a Routine Media Visit Agenda

22 Sep 2022 | Siti Aidah Fitri

Semarang (22/9), Lintasarta periodically makes media visits to several well-known Indonesian media. Exclusively, Lintasarta visited Suara Merdeka, one of the leading local media from Semarang, which has been active since 1950 with a variety of actual, factual, trustworthy, and close to regional audiences.

Lintasarta was represented by Ade Kurniawan (Corporate Secretary General Manager Lintasarta), Choirul Friyuana (Central Indonesia Regional General Manager Lintasarta), Lisa Andriana (Corporate Communications Senior Manager Lintasarta), Trio Yulistianto (Central Java & DIY Senior Manager), team Corporate Communications, as well as the team from Central Java & DIY Area. The Lintasarta team had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with Gunawan Permadi (Chief Editor of Suara Merdeka), Triyanto Triwikromo (Vice Editor-in-Chief of Suara Merdeka), Edi Indarto (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Suara Merdeka), Agus Toto Widyatmoko (Chief Editor of , Bambang Pulunggono (Business Director of Suara Merdeka), Youlanda Muhammad (Digital Manager of Suara Merdeka), Indah Suciana (Manager of Marcomm Suara Merdeka), Setiawan Hendra Kelana (Editor’s Secretary of Suara Merdeka), and several journalists from Suara Merdeka.

The media visit was filled with a brief description of Lintasarta which was delivered by Ade Kurniawan and Choirul Friyuana. This was followed by a brief discussion regarding the development of the Indonesian ICT industry and the important role of the media in the development of the industry. From the results of the discussion, it is expected to create inclusive collaboration opportunities that can have a positive impact on the development of the ICT industry in Indonesia.

This activity is expected to continue to bring Lintasarta closer to the media, especially in the region, in order to help improve the good image that Lintasarta has built.